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Okay, people. It's time for a nice, fun, light-hearted discussion to blow off some steam. WHAT FREAKS YOU OUT? What bodily fluid can't you STAND? What wound gives you the absolute WILLIES? ... Read More

  1. by   LisaPRN
    Working as an ER nurse I've seen many things but I have to say 2 things make me leave the room. One is definately penetrating eye injuries, the other finding maggots in decub's. uuuugggggghhhhhh......
  2. by   rosemarie
    This topic is great!!!! The two things that get me is suctioning and mouth care when there is a lot of gross tings in the mouth like dried ichy mucous, espicially in the mouth of patients with g/tubes. Also any wound that is draining. I took care of a lady that had an infected toe, the MD came in and lanced it, pus and sangrenous material spurted out all over the place, it was gross. I had to leave the room, I was starting to get queazy, the funny thing is I had a student nurse with me that day, she loved it!!!. The doctor asked if I was alright after the procedure. The funny thing is after it was drained and dressed, I was fine.
  3. by   LPN2RN
    Eww, that maggots thing is GROSS! I've been in Nursing for about 10 years, most of that time on a pulmonary unit.

    What can I not handle? Suctioning plugs of mucus from trachs - gives me the dry heaves -weird thing is the feeling of accomplishment I have when I help them clear it...

    AND slimy, green, algae like C-Diff stool. YUCK!
  4. by   PINKYE1
    This is too cute, I'm rolling around laughing. The thing that freaks me out most is the smell of burning flesh in the OR when they're cauterizing. That is seriously STIIINNNNNKKK!!! Yyuuuuuccccccccckkk!
    Anyone else grossed out by this??
  5. by   nursejanedough
    The dog slurping got to me also. I just called my sis, ex ER nurse, to please post some of her stories. She told me one about a patient coming in with a horrible smell, had dead leaves in vagina (an herbal thing), that is hilarious. She was also Elvis's nurse, but she won't talk about it. Talk about ethics!
  6. by   Kaliko69
    OH my gosh. you guys are really freaking me out. hahaha
    and I am a student nurse.

    oh what I have to look forward to.

  7. by   opie
    OK Nursejanedough, I forgot to tell you of two other things that gross me out. The smell of dead and infarcted intestines. UGHH! When the surgeon makes the abdominal incision, everyone has to put oil of wintergreen on their masks to keep from puking. Also, I have come close to losing it when drunks come into the ER and start vomiting, it STINKS.
  8. by   snappy
    one thing that makes me want to vomit is toxic sock syndrome!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot stand stinky feet, and homeless people in the winter are the worst

  9. by   Elenaster
    These posts are hilarious and disgusting. I have a really strong stomach and some of this stuff has just made me run for the toilet! As far as what grosses me out, the trach/respiratory mucous is disgusting and GI bleed smells make me kind of ill as well. When I first started working in the ED, I thought third degree burns were the worst yet until I smelled wounds infected with pseudomonas. YUCK!!! The latest gross-out for me was this man that was hit by a car. He was FILTHY! His feet smelled horrible and were about as funky as anything you've ever seen and to top it off, he was intubated and when they gave him the meds he crapped everywhere. It wasnt just the run-of-the-mill poop either, I'm talking 3 days worth of drinking really cheap beer poop. Everyone was gagging and one of the nurses helping take care of him hadn't eaten all day and nearly passed out from the smell.
  10. by   iamme457
    GI bleed poop has to be the most gag inducing smell for me.
    Trauma, ICU, ER, Paramedic....usually the stuff in the field that you have no warning about is what shocks me the most. Jaw dropping, stare for 30 seconds stuff. Decapitations and guns to the head and face give me the willies for a week or so...complete with nightmares for a night or two. It takes a lot of showers to get rid of the smell of something that has been dead for a few days, same smell as those sores that need debrieded only bigger odor.
    That about covers it for me
  11. by   opie
    Elenaster, the poop from the patient that had been dringking for three days brought back bad memories. One time in the ER I had to get a "nasty" smelly person undressed. When I pulled his socks off, they didn't come off, but just disintergrated into dust. The smell was terrible.
  12. by   HazeK
    Oh, how hysterical this posting is!

    I feel so, so much better knowing others have things that bother them! I loved the chicken feathers one--I'll be sure to bath daily, just to keep my feather count down! Also was grossed out by the dog & coffee can one--will be sure to have a lid for the can, when I am old w/ COPD!

    Mine? I can't stand lugies/spit/respiratory slimewads of any type! Left ICU because of it! ('course I'm in L&D now and do blood & amniotic fluid to the elbows without difficulty...go figure!)

    I sympathize w/ the RN who hated circumcisions! When I saw my first one, in nursing school, I grabbed my crotch & dropped to the floor in sympathy pain...then the doctors started laughing & teasing me 'cuz I don't have the right equipment to BE sympathetic! LOL!

  13. by   Jay-Jay
    The closest I came to losing it was when I was assisting a veterinarian pin a cat's dislocated leg. He was a BIG man, ex-football player, and he took this little kitty's leg, and twisted it around like it was a piece of sphaghetti. Disconnected it from the anesthetic machine, rushed it to x-ray, back into OR, nope, not in yet...twisted it some more, back to x-ray (etc). Having had many badly sprained ankles in my life, I guess I was imagining how much pain the poor cat was going to be in when it woke up...

    Finally, he got it, and began to insert a pin, using a carpenter's brace and bit. The sound of that pin going through bone (crunch, crunch) REALLY did it! I had to leave, or I would have been flat out on the floor!

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