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  1. LPN2RN

    What Freaks You Out?

    Eww, that maggots thing is GROSS! I've been in Nursing for about 10 years, most of that time on a pulmonary unit. What can I not handle? Suctioning plugs of mucus from trachs - gives me the dry heaves -weird thing is the feeling of accomplishmen...
  2. LPN2RN

    recirculation studies

    When in doubt, check with DOQI! Here's the link! http://www.kidney.org/professionals/doqi/doqi/vag12.html We went with the non-peripheral stick method after years of using it. You will find that your patients appreciate not having to stuck. ...
  3. LPN2RN

    8 hour shift vs. 12 hour shift - your opinion...

    I've worked 8's, 10's and 12's. Personally, I like the longer shifts. So does my spouse. My patients like it too. They know who their nurse is...I like being able to follow them through. It provides good continuity.
  4. LPN2RN

    Hours Worked in Series

    Thanks for the help!!
  5. LPN2RN

    BSN vs. Associates

    There is a trend in my area to reward the BSN w/higer annual wages and increased upward mobility. I guess I feel: equal pay for equal work; performance and merit should determine your wages. BSN required for upward positions is fine. But be sure...
  6. LPN2RN

    Hours Worked in Series

    I have been looking all over to find the answer to the following question: Is there a maximum number of hours worked, in series, that is legal? I often have >/= 108 hours of serial call. The potential for me to work 20 hours, go home for an...
  7. WOW, how sad to see all of this! I work with a great number of Diploma, Associate and Bachelor RNs (not to mention the Advanced Practitioners). ALL of them have different areas of expertise to offer. (Hey, I'm an LPN now, and I've got a lot to off...
  8. I agree, underappreciated, overextended, compromised...and underpaid, of course. I was a CNA, then an LPN and for some reason, I didn't see the writing on the wall...in May I will be an RN. I truly enjoy providing quality care. That's why I c...