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Okay, people. It's time for a nice, fun, light-hearted discussion to blow off some steam. WHAT FREAKS YOU OUT? What bodily fluid can't you STAND? What wound gives you the absolute WILLIES? ... Read More

  1. by   Mr Rehab ATP
    Kneeling in front of a 600 lb plus patient measuring them for equipment and the smells when folds are being unfolded, my back teeth are almost gone from all the gritting.:imbar
  2. by   PostOpPrincess
    Gross, smelly men.

    Especially when they try and hit on you. GROSS.
  3. by   Sue Damonas
    Quote from JoPACURN
    Gross, smelly men.

    Especially when they try and hit on you. GROSS.
  4. by   CNA_Coco
    Actually, I'm fine with poop, sputum, fractures... pretty much everything. Worms, I could do. Leeches, okay. But I've been a CNA for almost 10 years, and still can't handle vomit!

    After the patient's done, I can handle the clean-up. Having someone heaving in front of me, I just can't take. Hand 'em the basin and take off!

    Fortunately, one of the girls on the same rotation as me is just awesome. She can't handle open sores, so I change and turn her open sore folks, and she takes care of people who are vomiting, since it doesn't bother her.
  5. by   vivacious1healer
    The smell of a lower GI bleed makes me want to hurl

    The time when I cared for a patient that had a tumor behind her eye, the eye was removed, and because there was so much tissue loss the docs grafted muscle/tissue from her calf to her to over the incision....it was a big square box looking thing sticking at least 4 inches out from her head. Every hour I had to go in and with the portable doppler listen for pulse/blood flow and make sure the skin was warm.

    Very bizarre, and makes me queasy just thinking about it. I truly felt bad for the patient, she told me she just couldn't bear to look at herself.
  6. by   PostOpPrincess
    Eyeball surgery and the block to do it.

    I almost passed out from seeing it.
  7. by   diane227
    Loogies, snot. Otherwise, nothing bothers me.
  8. by   LindaGib
    Suctioning Trachs, for sure!
  9. by   tiffanyleigh0212
    Quote from buffy the vampire nurse
    Well I'm a steel stomached ER nurse and the thing I've done that most grossed me out was when I was looking after a woman who fell ot of a window through a pointy tree and into a garden. She partially scalped herself and I had to peel back the scalp and pick the leaves, dirt and flowers off her skull while she waited to go to theatre. The weirdest thing was taht she was awake and none of thsi was causing her any pain, kinda hard to make small talk was difficult!
    I've been this patient before! Not exactly, but similar. I was in a bad car wreck back in '05, my head (close to my forehead/hairline) literally hooked onto where you hang clothes up in the back seat of a car and ripped about 6-7 inches. They wouldn't let me look for fear I'd go into shock, but I was told my scalp had peeled back some, all the nerves and muscles were ripped apart, and you could see my skull, and I didn't feel a thing, luckily. The worst part of the wreck (pain wise) besides the whiplash was the tetanus shot, ahah! Later that night I went down for plastic surgery and 200 stitches later I was all fixed.
  10. by   darne20
    Two weeks after an uneventful T&A as an adult, I returned to my job as an airline pilot (weekend hospital pharmacist); while approaching an internatinal airport I felt my nose dripping...didn't realize that I had been bleeding and dripping down my throat (tasted funny) for quite some time...I didn't even feel my necktie and shirt soaked in blood until I turned to my First Officer and saw the horrified look on her face. It looked like I had been shot. No big deal, we landed (cockpit door closed so as not to scare the passangers).....I then started to barf up blood clots the size of golf balls and it was totally gross. I grabbed a big paper cup to catch the blood and deplaned. I continued to swallow and barf up blotted blood for hours before we could find a doc to do an anterior pack and I ended up as an inpatient overnight. Totally gross since it was me.
  11. by   sharpeimom
    gross stinky crackly furry unwashed feet with long crumbly thick yellowish toenails
    suctioning someone and the noises it makes
    cleaning chunky slippery dentures with who knows what in and on them

    shar pei mom
  12. by   southernbeegirl
    Quote from abbaking
    1. [U]
    2. Colostomies - To me, a filled colostomy bag full of stool resembles a cake frosting bag. The odor is over-poweringing. I can only do colostomy care with a mask on and a peppermint tea bag inside my mask.

    omg, baking will never be the same now
  13. by   southernbeegirl
    I'm a rehab nurse that deals with mostly ortho and.....(wait for it)....

    BONES freak me out! i cant stand them!