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Okay, people. It's time for a nice, fun, light-hearted discussion to blow off some steam. WHAT FREAKS YOU OUT? What bodily fluid can't you STAND? What wound gives you the absolute WILLIES? ... Read More

  1. by   duckie
    We had a resident in our facility that had extensive surgery to her face, removing her eye, most of the roof of her mouth on one side and part of her nose, due to cancer. We had to clean her oral cavity twice a shift. I absolutely could not do this no matter how hard I tried. We had to take dressings down through her eye socket and clean all the mucous and food from her eye, mouth, and nose as is was open and allowed everything to mix. And to make it all even worse, she could watch you with her other eye. Even after 20 years experience with many kinds of situations I could not do this. Thank goodness my Supervisor was a gem and found someone else to do it that didn't hurl at the thought. I get the weemies just thinking about it!!!!
  2. by   buck227
    Pancreatic drainage. That foul smelling milky-white drainage. Yuck

    Originally posted by kday:
    Okay, people. It's time for a nice, fun, light-hearted discussion to blow off some steam.

    WHAT FREAKS YOU OUT? What bodily fluid can't you STAND? What wound gives you the absolute WILLIES? It doesn't matter if you're an ADN, BSN, LPN, CNA, PQRST, ABCDEFG...every body gets the heebie jeebies over SOMETHING...even you stomach-of-steel ER nurses!

    Mine is eyeball injuries/surgery...aaaaaaaaaackkkkkkk!! Gross! Makes my skin absolutely CRAWL. Or when someone gets a little cut on their finger/toe/whatever and then squeezes it to make it bleed!! Bleah!! Then there's the ever-popular RESPIRATORY SECRETIONS. I can handle poop, pee, amniotic fluid, lanced boils, pus, whatever...but give me a nasty snot-filled trach, and I'm OUTTA THERE.

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  3. by   kewlnurse
    Oddly, i enjoy suctioning trachs. The thing that grosses me out is having to put a foley in an obese female who hasn't seen a shower in a few days the odor just makes me gag. THE grossest thing I have ever encounterd end up not being soo bad, i floated to another floor to be at the desk and there was a agency LPN who was working that day and got a GI bleed as an admission, coming from snf she was in waaaaaaaaay over her head with this patient as she was crashing real fast, her hg went from 10 to 6 in an hour! Anyway i told the nurse i would take this patient and get her as stable as we could and get her to the unit, she was thankful and said she would get her off the bed pan, she comes running out to me and said in a real quit voice "I think her intestine came out her rectum" I bolted into the room expecting the worst and took a quick look and thought Damn, thats gross, upon closer review, and after catching my breath, I noticed that it was a tie from her gown that was in the bedpan and was bloodied, but it was still gross.
  4. by   tangrene
    Without a doubt, roppy sputum from a trach!! I can handle any amount of blood, drainage, and wounds..........but I have trouble not heaving when I encouter a trach with thick and roppy sputum that doesn't want to budge. I will never get used to it!

  5. by   JulieW
    thanks for the laughs everyone!

    I agree that all of the above are totally nasty, but I can handle most without gagging (except colostomies, that's gag city).

    In terms of what 'freaks me out', I really have to say that watching a chest tube insertion just sends me over the edge. It seems when I worked in the hospital I was never prepared for it. The first one I saw shocked me, but even after that.. oh I just couldn't stand it. It makes me squirm just thinking about it.

  6. by   BillieICURN
    I work in a MSICU with a lot of vent patients. Anyway, what REALLY gets me to almost want to puke is oral secretions. We have tons of pts on vents and tracheal secretions dont bother me(because they are usually contained within the ballard suction equipment), but when I get tons of THICK, NASTY,Bubble blowers on the vent, that i have to suck out of their mouth, that grosses me OUT!!!!!!!!!!! I most often have to use visual thoughts (eg., I am back in Jamacia snorkling, Ha Ha ) so I dont dwell on the GROSS thoughts of oral or tracheal secretions!!!!!!!!!
  7. by   cmggriff
    I've been an RN for 17 years now. Everytime I think I've seen it all, something proves me wrong. Colostomies ( those high up on the colon) get to me. In school it was a pancreatic abcess that almost made me hurl. The first time I cared for a third degree burn in the ER and that sickening sweet odor
    of burned flesh brought me to the verge. I've
    done those 20+ kelix abdominal wet to drys in the middle of my lunch break. I've laid down a half eaten sandwich to clean up a patient with c-diff and finished the meal while charting. But the one thing that still makes me tummy turn is that time in 1984. I had never heard of a pocket mask. A patient stopped breathing right in front of me. I called for help. I opened the airway. I gave the patient a quick breath (1984 standards) and turned my head to spit out the patients vomit from my mouth. I cleaned the patient's mouth out and resumed rescue breathing until one of co-workers arrived with the BVM. Excuse me, I have to go spit.
  8. by   Michelle in Texas
    Well, I guess the most abhorent thing I have found is fresh colostomys....makes me gag and just want to run....and I mean run...the smell permeates everthing...can't wait to get home and take a bath ....and use lots of soap!

    Texan Frog
  9. by   vablueyes
    all of your comments are great, but have you not ever received a patient with maggots in a wound...ugh...not intentional maggots, either, but those little critters that fly's lay in dirty wounds. We have had several patients who come in to our ED who haven't seen soap and water in ages, have diabetes and terrible lower extremity wounds in many different stages, and when you take the dressing off, these little critters fall all over your shoes, into your pockets...it's just awful. Then the smell that goes along with it,,hooooweeee...I guess the mucous is the next thing that I just can't deal with. I always give the patiend a brown paper towel to wrap the loogie container in, so I don't have to see it. Be sure to label it first, so you have no reason to unwrap it.
  10. by   ClariceS
    Definitely thick sticky mucous!! I had a patient spit out what was in her mouth onto my (thankfully gloved) hand and it filled my hand. She had been holding it in her mouth!!!EWWWWWWW! But the smell of blood in vomitus really makes me gag too!

    Silly, but I can handle someone vomiting, I can pat their back and hold a cloth to their head while they are heaving, but I cannot keep my stomach together when my dog pukes.
  11. by   crnasomeday
    Okay...I'm just a student, so I haven't yet been exposed to ALLLLLL of the really gross stuff, but I can say this: I can handle mucus, I can sometimes handle vomit, but I absolutely, positively lose it if I have to deal with *poop*. (I sometimes even gag from changing my own kid's diapers, so just imagine how I am changing the diaper of a 78 year old patient). I am so sensitive to being grossed out by it that the sight, smell, or even thought can make me lose my lunch. Anybody see the Austin Power's sequel (The Spy who Shagged me)? I threw up, seriously, on the theater floor when he kept putting that cup up to his mouth that was labeled - Fat Dirty Bast***'s Stool Sample. My husband, in between uproarious laughter, just said "Oh yeah. You're going to be a great nurse."
    Louise http://www.geocities.com/crnasomeday
  12. by   JennieBSN
    Okay, one more comment...I was called to the floor one night to assist with foley insertion (an L&D nurse can cath anything) on a pre-op GYN pt.. She had a vaginal fibroid, and I don't mean an INTERNAL one. It was a SOFTBALL sized fibroid HANGING OUT of her vagina!!! It was big, floppy, nasty, and oooooooohhhhh did it STINK!! I tried so hard to be as gentle and 'normal' with the pt. as I could, you could tell she was embarassed. But man, I popped that foley in, and escaped into the hallway so I could CATCH MY BREATH!! Nast-ola. That's a story I save to torture my husband with when he's being a jerk. Heh heh.
  13. by   ThisBeautifulMessKC
    I'm a CNA and I use to work in a nursing home. Most of the things i saw there didn't really sick me out. i changed a lot of "briefs" as we called em. I do remember this one lady. oh she was the sweetest thing..but..man..she had the stinkiest poop ever! i mean i dont mean to be rude, but i woiuld go in at night to change her, praying she didnt poopoo. If she did, i had to hold my breath will changing her. and i would walk away when i had to take a breath in order not to lose it all! It's kinda funny now that i think back to it, but man was it raunchy!

    "I dont know why, had such fun at my GI, oh lumpy colon" Letterman