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Okay, people. It's time for a nice, fun, light-hearted discussion to blow off some steam. WHAT FREAKS YOU OUT? What bodily fluid can't you STAND? What wound gives you the absolute WILLIES? ... Read More

  1. by   lpnandloveit1
    I can suck snot all day (noses,mouths, trachs I don't care) pleeeeeeeeeeeeese don't hand me your teeth!!!!!! also the smell of a good old fasioned gi bleed.
  2. by   lkushen
    I can take the usual, vomit, mucos, sputum, urine, feces - OK, but here's a few that got me.

    We had a patient that arrested and had seizures secondary to hypoxia. The neurologist started IV Dilantin. Withing 2 days, this obese African American female had skin just sloughing off in thick layers. We were treating her as a burn patient with dressing changes that would take 4 nurses to do just to lift body parts and turn her. Here's the gross part. I was helping another "team" of nurses in the room, lifted her arm by the elbow and hand, and the skin on her hand slid right off and LOOKED like a glove!!! I was so glad the patient was comatose. The heeby jeebies made me drop her entire arm and run from the room.

    Another happened recently, had a male patient who's feet stunk so bad you could tell his hygiene was horrific. One morning, I went in to bathe him with the assistance of another RN. When she started cleaning his penis, no problem. then she pulled back the foreskin. I've never seen that much cheese - even in a female!!! Disgusting. I told her she deserved battle pay for even venturing there. She did let out one heave, but kept on cleaning. Kudos for her!

    My last story is about a patient from a nursing home that complained that her ear itched and she couldn't hear very well. I got out the otoscope and peered in to find maggots wriggling around in her ear!!!

    Ortho stuff gets me too. My husband broke his leg last summer and got some screws and plates. I'm still traumatized by the picking up of his leg and watching the bones in the ankle shift in two. Still can't touch his leg where the plates are!
  3. by   NurseCratchett, NS
    Wow...I am a Nursing Student...Haven't ran in to anything that has made me lose it yet...When I was about 7 I walked in on my stepmother who was in the bathroom...Cleaning her glass eye...I screamed and started to cry, hysterically...She quickly tried to calm me and explain what she was doing...Wasn't long before I was begging to clean it for her...By the way what is c-diff?
  4. by   Zee_RN
    C.Diff is short for Clostridium difficile which is an anaerobic spore-forming microorganism that is found in the bowel. It can become virulent and "take over" the normal intestinal flora, particularly if the patient has been on antibiotics. It produces mucusy diarrhea with it's own special odor that you will recognize forever more after your first encounter with it. Flagyl is prescribed to combat it; vancomycin is also used.
  5. by   Q.
    This is kinda gross but not related to bodily fluids - but just yesterday we had a patient arrive via ambulance in labor - a gravida 9!!!! who weighed about 70 lbs, positive cocaine and a few others; anyway not only did she smell horribly like BO but when I swabbed her arm to start the IV, the alcohol wipe came back BLACK!!! Yuk! Thank god for standard precautions!
    I usually don't wear gloves for IV starts (I know, I know!) but for some reason I did with this chick.
  6. by   HotSpam
    I have been a nurse for 9 years. I've been lucky to have a good range of experience. I'll give a couple good gross-out examples before I reveal what really turns my knobs.
    Pulling over 10 rolls of kerlix slowly out of a chest cavity with an opening just big enough to squeeze my hand into was fun. Of course you normally don't really need to put your hand into a would completely, but in this case the kerlix kept getting caught on bone fragments. This wound care followed having the right lung removed and becoming abscessed. Repacking was nice too.

    Not generally considered gross I find I have a hard time watching a c section. Something about slicing that taught belly.

    I have attended two abdominal aortic anuerysm repairs. Those 10cm clotted arteries look nasty but don't send me over the edge.

    I like wounds and events that are a little grosser than normal to help distract me from the tedium of daily routines. So the occasional maggot infested wounds, pack around the bone decubs, lareg yellow/white tumors popping out faces involving eye socket thru to chin - are really cool with me, even though they are gross.

    I could go on and on, as we all could. To get to the point - 2 things in my career have mildly traumatized me. (3 including the c-section) a bone marrow biopsy at the bedside without anesthetic. Drilling that woman's hip- eeeewww. Second wasn't at work.

    I was driving to the hospital to pick up my wife and newborn. An elderly man was riding a little rascal against the traffic right next to the busy road. He slipped off the curb and fell over into the path of a pickup going about 40mph. I pulled over and attended his death while we waited for paramedics to arrive. That sight and feeling is still with me.

  7. by   maikranz
    This post is hysterical!!!
    ditto all the barf, snot, poop, hematemesis---even maggots (NYC) and
    DEFINITELY the dog "treat" and the cat hockers.
    Had a patient come in over the winter holidays--a diabetic, mentally challenged, lived alone, etc., >300#. Well, she somehow got a nick in her thigh and did not know it.
    ANYWAY, she comes in with way altered mental status and FUO--turns out, has a gas gangrene infect of the thigh with crepitus and audible 'hissssss' if you pressed down near the site. Ended up with an open amputation of the leg--it was YEARS before I could look at a ham, let alone eat any.
  8. by   JennieBSN
    Originally posted by maikranz:
    it was YEARS before I could look at a ham, let alone eat any.
  9. by   TLynn
    Originally posted by kday:
    Okay, people. It's time for a nice, fun, light-hearted discussion to blow off some steam.

    WHAT FREAKS YOU OUT? What bodily fluid can't you STAND? What wound gives you the absolute WILLIES? It doesn't matter if you're an ADN, BSN, LPN, CNA, PQRST, ABCDEFG...every body gets the heebie jeebies over SOMETHING...even you stomach-of-steel ER nurses!

    Mine is eyeball injuries/surgery...aaaaaaaaaackkkkkkk!! Gross! Makes my skin absolutely CRAWL. Or when someone gets a little cut on their finger/toe/whatever and then squeezes it to make it bleed!! Bleah!! Then there's the ever-popular RESPIRATORY SECRETIONS. I can handle poop, pee, amniotic fluid, lanced boils, pus, whatever...but give me a nasty snot-filled trach, and I'm OUTTA THERE.

    Share, share, share people!
    I have gone to medical science labs, seen corpses cut up, I have been **** on, pissed on, thrown up on. I have seen head injurys that have blood flowing everywhere and none freaked me out. This may sound crazy, but what does freak me out...the very site of my own blood!

  10. by   Mysti
    Snot and puke those are the things that make my skin crawl.
  11. by   NurseBettyBoop
    The grossest thing for me is putting lambswool between rotted out toes. I swore if the toe fell off I would scream first, then hurl.
  12. by   journeyy
    Hmmm....looks like I have lots to look forward to.
    funniest: in nursing school one of the students assisting a resident to the BR yelled 'look out she's gonna blow!', the student came out with feces from head to toe, it was even dripping from the ceiling!
    freakiest: LTC situation. Two residents in the room, both COMPLETELY bed bound. On my first night, I turned both residents, straightened up the room, returned to the nursing station 10 ft away. The charge nurse said 'now listen'. I could hear noises coming from the room. I went in and all the drawers were out of the dresser! Apparently one of the residents in the room believed herself to be possessed, she spoke in different voices. The charge nurse said that many times the room was put in total disarray with no apparent explanations. Lots of witnesses, and, I saw it twice more myself. Too scary for me. Telekinisis or not, I couldn't work with that resident anymore. It was standard policy that all care given to this woman was done by at least a team of two. Some initiation.
  13. by   jamistlc
    Whay grosses me out, not much! As an 11 year vetern in Nursing I have seen alot of things most of the time I stomach it no problem. I had to disimpct a elderly male after the Doc's who were doing it lost thier cookies, no problem!
    What has grossed me out , never lost my cookies though are two incidents I can think of that actually occurred. First while doing a Cadavear Donor procedure and the corpse had an episode of emesis and I saw peas and corn in my sterile feild. The other was a MR and indigent female client who said she was raped, I set up for the forensic exam (Masks for all to reduce the smell) after the exam we closed that room off and sterilized it with bleach trying to get rid of the smell. It stayied all day, this is probably as close to loosing my lunch as I have gotten! That was what I would definately call a rotten crouch. We did find she had syphllis and had it chronically for a long time, yuk!

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