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Mine is obvious.It's my real name.:nurse:... Read More

  1. by   shodobe
    Quote from rdhdnrs
    Of course, mine is self-explanatory, also; I'm a redheaded nurse!
    Mike your Doberman on your avatar is gorgeous! I used to have dobies, never showed them. I was really rooting for Raisin at Westminster this year.
    Not this one, but another I owned and bred won in 1987.
  2. by   mom and nurse
    Wow! Five teenagers! I bet things get interesting at your house.

    Interesting.....is an understatement
  3. by   CappucinoMama
    Cappucinomama - Thatsa Me!! ....cappucino cafe has got me thru many loan closings when I was working up the #'s to assist our credit union members (previous job)...now I am hoping, praying....no BEGGING (LOL) for it get me thru the RN program! awww...I do believe in cappucino magic!! hehe Even my anatomy book has cappucino to book mark the pages...I think it works.. I feel a permanent IV hook up comin' on by next spring..LOL
  4. by   rpbear
    Mine is my daughters nickname. Her initials are RP (Riley Pearl), and I have allways called her P-bear (short of pooh bear). So they just went together and she is RPBear.
  5. by   LauraLou
    When I was younger, I worked in an office filled with very high-strung, temperamental individuals. They used to swear, slam doors, throw things, etc. They called me LauraLou because they said I was the sweetest person who had ever worked there. That wasn't saying much considering who my coworkers were, but it did make me feel good, so I still use the nickname.
  6. by   FranEMTnurse
    That's so nice LauraLou. And the best part is, it made a fond memory for you.
  7. by   sprtbikegrlsv65

    Okay Sprt (Sport) bike (Bike) grl (Girl) sv650 (Suzuki SV650S)

    i am a girl who loves to ride the "crotch rocket" types of motorcycles with this one being my favorite at the moment!

    but while i was filling out the form i left off the 0S in my hurry to hit the "enter" button, so im stuck with sv65 instead....
  8. by   TraumaQueen
    I just love Trauma patients. I love the rush of not really knowing what you're going to get when they roll through the door.

    We do bypass surgeries, valves, IABP, bivads, heartmates, tmr, vsd, AAA, open abdomen, sometimes we get neuro patients too when the neuro unit is full..... and blah blah.... we' get lots of other random overflow stuff too....

    but my absolute favorite patient is a trauma patient.... and I don't mean those level II gunshot wound (scratch) to the leg.... I mean the really unstable traumas....

    So, hence my name.
  9. by   manna
    My nick both offline and on is manna - a shortened version of my "real" name. My brother is 11 years my senior, and when I was born he figured I was far too small for such a long name, and promptly shortened it to Manna. It stuck, and that's the only name that half of my husband's family knows me by! (pretty sad in a way! LOL)
  10. by   sun_chica
    I currently live in Upstate New York-between Syacuse & Watertown (orig from Philly, PA), I'm so sick of SNOW & FRIGID TEMPS!!! I keep telling my husband we will someday move out to southern Cali (San Diego area) in to warm, sunny weather near the beach! For me, it's where I want to be, I can dream right??
  11. by   Louisepug
    Mine is my middle name, Louise, and "pug" is because I love pugs, I have one and he is my little angel baby!
  12. by   nekhismom
    Quote from MsLpn02
    Nekhismom, your little boy is sooo cute. He reminds me of my nephew. BTW the Ms stands for Mississippi, I am an LPN who acquired her licence in 2002. Hopefully I can change my name to MsRN2004. Pray for me yall because I am so overwhelmed. Good luck to those who are about to take the nclex

    Thanks! Wishing you the best for NCLEX success. I am about to test on FE. 27, and I am already nervous!
  13. by   GI Issue Nurse
    My name has 2 meanings. I currently manage an Endoscopy Lab which covers "GI Nurse" but I also spent many yrs in the USAF therefore I'm "GI Issue Nurse" for "Government Issue Nurse, 1 each"!

    I have enjoyed reading all of the post for this topic. What a great idea!