What do you absolutely HATE about nursing? How about nurse abuse?

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  3. by   jemb
    If anyone where I work -doctor, nurse, patient or anyone else- ever slapped me, our dept administator would know about it within minutes. (Even if I had to page him at 2 am!). And if the organization refused to do anything, I would follow up with a police report and have him charged with battery!

    Sounds like your co-workers are convinced that the slappee rather than the slapper would be penalized. That's pathetic. Don't they know that there are laws in place about striking other people? :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire
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  4. by   Heather333
    If an MD (or anyone for that matter) touched me, I'd be on the phone so fast to the police he wouldn't know what hit him.

  5. by   LANurse
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  6. by   RNonsense
    Originally posted by LANurse

    I wonder what he would do if the nurses started slugging him in the jaw whenever they didn't like something he was doing?

    That was funny!

    Seriously, the guy needs to be written up. Shame on him.
  7. by   SirJohnny

    - It doesn't matter if the MD hits one person or multiple persons.

    - It doesn't matter if the MD hits you in the hand or in the face.

    - It's physical assault, period. And I don't give a rats rear-end whether he/she is an MD, fellow colleague, etc.

    - Like the previous poster said. I would call the police first (911), and then my attorney, then I would tell the hospital administration to talk w/ my attorney.

    - Can my rear-end? Great!!!! I will get $$ for not working.


    - I can't believe you and your fellow nurses are too wimpy to get off your butts and nail this guy!!!!!! DO SOMETHING!!!!!

    Another fine Monday morning.

    John Coxey
  8. by   baseline
    Wow. I would have kicked his butt from here to next week. I can't believe any nurse would tolerate that. Where I work, verbal abuse isn't tolerated. Physical abuse would end his career. I'm so sorry that you have to work with nurses who tolerate such behavior. I'd be job hunting.
  9. by   ShortFuse_LPN
    I've never had an MD be physically abusive to me, but when I was in nursing school, my clinical instructor hit me on top of the head with her ink pen...in front of my pt. It didn't hurt but I felt that it made me look like an idiot in front of someone who was depending on me to be taking care of her. When clinicals were over for the day I went straight to the college and reported her to the Department Chair. My instructor had to apologize to me and to the patient. Not much of a punishment, in my opinion, but when the patient was discharged she said "If that would have been me, I would have taken that pen from her and stuck it up her a**!" If only I had thought of that........
  10. by   bestblondRN

    You absolutely MUST report this to the administration, regardless of whether it involves job security or not. The next thing would be to file a police report and contact the best attorney you can find. The other thing would be a complaint to the State Medical Board--it is assault, regardless of the severity, and must be addressed. It will only go on as long as the victim allows it.
  11. by   bargainhound
    See www.nurseadvocate.org
    There are many stories and also end results on these issues...it would help educate you to what the rest of the world
    thinks about these issues and how they are handling these issues.
    Also see www.bullyinginstitute.org
    and www.workplaceviolence911.com
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  12. by   LANurse
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  13. by   Agnus
    This should be reported to your hospital's MEDICAL Board. You can act on this. The nurse who was hit doesn't need to be the one. It would carry more weight if you had seen it. However, even as a rumor the Medical Board will be interested.

    It is the Medical Board that disciplines the MD's, not the administrator.

    Hospital administrators and administrative nurses are sometimes reluctant to complain to the board or the MD because it is physicians who bring the patients. (i. e. bring in business)

    However, loosing privileges at a hospital can hurt a doctor's income too.

    I would definately tell what you have seen in terms or inappropriate behavior. I would put this in a very professional and objective letter, addressed to the board or the Medical Director.
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  14. by   yma76
    i cannt get to what you posted but,when i worked in a hospital an md hit the circ. nurse in or of course he got away with it i just wish he had hit me i would have been driving his little red porce.