What do you think about cell phone use? - page 2

I know that most hospitals have restricted areas where visitors can use thier cell phone. When the family asks why they cant use it in certain areas, the usual response is "it may interfer with some... Read More

  1. by   Dorito
    My Mom just had a pacemaker inserted this week and they told her not to use a cellphone on the side she had the pacer placed in. We don't have any cell phone bans at my facility and I have never had any issues with equipment malfunctioning. Personally my cell phone is turned off unless I need to make a call or am expecting one (which is rare). I'd rather be less available!
  2. by   NicoleERRN
    I just tell everyone who asks to use thier cell phone " You won't get any signal in here, if you go outside it will work much better" usually 9-10 times that works!! :spin:
  3. by   P_RN
    I was in ICU a while back and all the nurses and staff carried at least 2 cell phnes. I had monitors up the ying-yang and nary a blip was out of place. I wonder how old the studies on this were?
  4. by   sister--*
    When our new telemetry units and IV pumps came in the cell phone ban was lifted.