What do you do to get past the 2am slump - page 4

Hi, I started my first night shift and all. My first one ever and it went pretty slow since I had a hard time staying awake? I was fine from 645pm until around 2am and then I got really sleepy. I... Read More

  1. by   BLCaldwell
    Have been a dedicated night person for the past 10 years.

    When the slump hits...wash my face and get a glass of ice water. Force myself to THINK-- exercise the gray matter. I'll do care plans. Working on psych it's a little different, we have to be checking them at least q30 minutes, so walking doesn't wake one up.

    Sometimes when I work 12 hour shifts, I'll take a damp cloth with a glove full of ice. Alternate between the two all the way home. NEVER NEVER EVER put your car on cruise control when you're tired....
  2. by   prnlpn
    When I was in nursing school a nurse told us that if you took a few whiffs of o2 it would help? Never tried it myself. I take cig breaks drink lots of pepsi and breathmints somethings about peppermint seems to make me feel more alert also have some peppermint scented lotion.