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I am going to be starting the nursing program in January. I recently had an orientation at my school, which seemed (to me) to be devoted exclusively to informing us how difficult the program would... Read More

  1. by   Nscorpiored
    Honestly, I can say for me to have my current first nursing position I work with a wonderful set of people. There are times when they get on my nerves but I can see I am not experiencing the "nurses eat their young" curse. My preceptor had over 10 years of experience, he was patient, kind, and a great support system and still is when I am on the floor and need assistance. I can still stop him and ask him for help even when he is busy.

    Also, I genuinely enjoy being a nurse and making a living. Do I understand why nurses feel unappreciated, get burnt out, need more pay for the crap we put up with and have to do? Absolutely!!! But I love what I do even when I am at my wits end I just say my prayers and love the patients that appreciate me and what I do
  2. by   n_matjushenko
    For me I was scared my first three months as nurse , than by six months I'm getting my routine down for nursing. Suddenly I'm doing a routine assessment of a patient and I noticed her pulse kept skipping. I called the doctor in to measure her pulse just to make sure. I was right we sent to get pacemaker asap. She was never diagnosed with and cardiac abnormalities but I found it first. I help save her life. I love saving lives if I can. I make sure my patients are comfortable as possible.
    True during nursing school I didn't have much of social life outside my family and my fellow nursing peers, but perseverance will get you through. Don't let doubt a have free rent in your mind
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  3. by   LessValuableNinja
    Keep in mind that in online forums, people are more likely to express dissatisfaction. If you go to the Better Business Bureau website, you will see very few posts titled, "Why I Love My Mechanic." AN shares this quality.
  4. by   KathleenLeone
    I am an RN for 32 years, before that an LPN and CNA. I think that I have seen most areas of nursing from the bottom to the top. I also was an Administrator. I stepped outside of hospital and long term care settings and worked medical malpractice investigation. Currently I am a school nurse.

    I love that nursing is so versatile. When you feel you need a break, switch the area of Nursing you are in. You will learn so much and meet new people. Begin everyday with this:
    A Nurse’s Prayer

    Long before you entered nursing
    The Lord had played His part,
    Planting seeds of love and kindness
    In the portals of your heart.
    For it’s clear that you’ve been gifted
    With a sympathetic ear,
    And blessed from the beginning
    With a willingness to cheer.
    And the people who you care for
    Are better off by far,
    When they’re touched by your compassion,
    By the person that you are.
    For in times of woe and worry
    When they’re frightened or they’re blue,
    No one could be more consoling than the friend they’ll find in you

    Good Luck in Nursing School and remember not everything is easy in life but the real rewards are worth challenges!!

  5. by   rktucker
    I think nursing has to be a calling! Nursing school was challenging but not impossible. If you feel called to be a nurse then buckle up and get ready for the ride. It is exhausting but all things worth having are hard to get and hard to keep!
    Work hard and don't let the negativity of others bring you down! As for me, I live for the connection with patients. The time when you know that you help made what was probably a terrible day for your patient, just a little better!
  6. by   sharecadh
    Hi, I felt the same way my 1st day of orientation and my first two days of school!! I to have started the program, my first day was actually this Monday Jan 9th! The staff and a couple of higher up students have also told us the same thing during orientation. I would just say that yes, of course it will be a challenge and you will have to devote a lot of your time studying but it's not impossible. You will have to find a balance and those close to u will have to understand why u may not have anytime for them while your in school. Once you've completed your first month, form your own opinion of the program and the job. You will have some who hate their jobs and some that love what they do. Being a nurse is a very stressful job just like any other job. If you love what you do and stay positive, you will definitely be ok!

    Wish you all the best of luck and if you have any questions I am here to help in anyway possible!
  7. by   WoundcarePhilRN
    As a Vet I have enjoyed meeting and talking to America's Vets. Met many WW2 Vets, Korean, Vietnam and Gulf war as well. It's an honor to take care of them. The VA has failed them miserably. We owe them everything, we are free today because of the Armed Forces of the US. If you ever come across a Vet be sure to thank them and let them know their service to this nation is appreciated.

    For myself, it's the icing on the cake, would not want to do anything else.
  8. by   NrsCheer18
    I promise that it's not that bad. The first semester seemed to be the first because you're getting accustomed to the teachers and test taking skills. It's really not horrible. I swear!
    As far as nursing goes, there's so many different areas that RNs could work in that you really shouldn't be too worried about it. I have friends in home care, elementary schools, psych hospitals and jails... They love their jobs.
    You'll find something that calls out to you.
    One word of advice about nursing school, remember what you're there for. If you make friends then great. If you don't then oh well. Just keep focused on your courses and keep running towards the finish line. Wishing you luck!
  9. by   Kmax1232
    Nusing is just like any other job, there will be good days and there will be not so good days. The difference is on the good days you will be helping people through the most difficult parts of their lives and you will go home fulfilled, smiling and ready to tackle another day. On the not so good days you will be helping people through the most difficult parts of their lives and you will walk to your car and sit sobbing for 30 minutes because things did not go as planned when you woke up this am. As nurses we are exposed to more human tragedy then should be allowed but we are also exposed to the best moments in a person's life. All of this can happen within minutes of eachother making for a very rough ride on the emotional roller coaster. It takes its toll on everyone. But for the most part your good days will outnumber the bad and you will come back refreshed each day. I have taken comfort in the few and far between thanks yous and the smiles in which words need not follow. Good luck with your career and welcome to nursing.
  10. by   Lamharr
    Nursing is not doom and gloom! Yes sometimes in schoool you have to "burn the midnight oil" so to speak. I never regret once going to nursing school. There are some things I wish I could change. If you're in an AD program finish and go straight for your BSN. Don't wait 20 years before going back to school. Nursing is rewarding. Blessings on your adventure.
  11. by   JayHanig
    Truthfully? I can't. The happiest day of my life was when I retired at the age of 56 and realized I would never have to work again. I had come to despise my job and my employer. I liked some of my patients and almost all of my coworkers. But not the administration and certainly not what the work had become.
  12. by   rescueninja1987
    If you've got a strong work ethic, plenty of patience and you can find a good solid team to work with, it will be the best decision you ever made. It's not for the faint of heart, but it's an awesome challenge, and you have a ton of flexibility with your schedule and your career. Not to mention the options available to experienced nurses who are willing to undergo some extra training/schooling; you can pretty much write your own ticket.
  13. by   Ruby Vee
    Nursing has been an interesting, challenging career where I know that I have made a difference in people's lives. I have enjoyed flexible scheduling, solidly middle class pay, excellent benefits and good working conditions. I've met a lot of fascinating people, have made some lifelong friends and even had the chance to interact with a few celebrities. If I could go back and do it over, I probably would not change a thing.