1. Just thought it would be fun to see what you guys have planned for the holidays!! I spent the day today doing the Kids school "Christmas party" rounds, and will shop till we drop until Christmas... The day after Christmas we start shopping again and then go off snow skiing for a week!!

    What do you guys have planned?? Any family Holiday traditions out there??

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  3. by   allevi
    we still have alot of shopping yet to do because of the weather we are having in Iowa. Too much snow. I need a warm climate. We spend time with family on the weekend, and then I get the pleasure of working on Christmas day and New Year's eve. Next year I hope to get to that warm climate. Enjoy your ski trip
  4. by   PPL
    Hi. I ALWAYS get a real tree. I like the spruces and firs best and even though they cost more, they're so beautiful! This year, I used all red lights, and deep burgandy balls(not a clinical term!)and it looks so understated and beautiful! My children and two granddaughters will be here. I have a Christmas with just my Sisters too. We started this after our Mother died in '95, and it means alot to us. We go out to eat, then open our gifts. My Sisters are forever getting me stuff to put on my walls; they just can't stand it that I won't do this! It's a joke now. This Christmas with my Sisters was even more special, because my one Sis is a Hospice patient, losing her fight against ovarian cancer. This will be her last Christmas, but we have "adopted" my best friend, also a nurse, as a "stand in," because both of my Sisters love her too; and they are forever stealing my friends! So, that is my Christmas; sad, but happy too. Tonight, I found a beautiful little book about Sisters, and I bought it on the spot, read the beautiful poems and sayings, then got it all ready to mail to them, with bright stickers, etc., on the package. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!
  5. by   lita1857
    It's the usual...WORKING, in 23yrs haven't been off yet for christmas...was off once for thanksgiving d/t illness.
  6. by   p.rabbit
    This is a very special Christmas for me this year. My wife of 21 months is Tibetan and she and her children (of course mine now, too) finally all made it to the U.S. in May of this year. Today we put up our Christmas tree together, hung the lights and all the ornaments. Then we went to a big shopping mall and immersed ourselves in the crowds for the holiday shopping ambience. As I type away at this computer, the kids and another Tibetan friend are watching an Indian movie together and I couldn't be happier. This is their first Christmas and our first together as a family; just one of the many that will play over and over as the years go by.
    Merry Christmas to all,

  7. by   NurseLinda
    AND wishing you many many more happy holidays together!!!! THIS is what life is all about... FAMILY, happy times and sharing!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Linda/RN
  8. by   babs_rn
    ummm..... working??
  9. by   NurseLinda
    Babs.... are you "BABS" as in Barbara Roberts????

    Taking fown the tree today, and getting back to "normal"!! When do you guys take down the decorations??
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  10. by   TruthSeeker
    I wish everyone a Blessful New Year.

    Right now my family and I are spending the week together at home. Yes my husband is home on vacation and my kids are out for the holidays. But soon we all will be returning back to work and school, except for my oldest daughter who has finished with High School, because she got all the credits in that is require for her to finished early and to graduate in May with her class...2001. She will be going out to find her first job after the new year before going off to college in the fall.

    I will be returning back to nursing school in Level 3. It has been nice being out and not having to study and read. Part of me is eager to get back and get started again with the reading and studying and clinical rotations and the other part is not looking forward to it. So you all pray that I will do well and succeed on to becoming the best nurse that my Heavenly Father wants me to be and I know I can be. Thanks.


    "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding." Proverbs 3:5 KJB

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  11. by   ICUkids
    We must have great scheduling policies cause it goes by senority and holidays worked the last year. I got both Christmas and New Years off, worked Thanksgiving. (One of the perks for sticking around a few years) Christmas was wonderful. I keep the tree up til after New Years. Hope you all have a Happy and Safe one.
  12. by   goldilocksrn
    My family passed on a tradition of keeping the Christmas tree up until New Years for good luck. That and making black eyed peas. Can you believe it? Who comes up with all the rules for good luck?
  13. by   GERINRS
    I am going to decorate my tree (all in burgundy and rose colors). I will watch Christmas stories on video and hopefully buy myself a new DVD player. I will also have my parents and family over to drink eggnog. Anything to keep my mind off of being single, and my newly broken-up relationship (after one year). I am going to focus on the true meaning of Christmas and what is going on in the world.
  14. by   majic65
    I jjst got home from my favorite holiday tradition, and the one that "opens" my Christmas season every year. On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, our loval motorcycle rights organization, ABATE, gathers for our Toy Run to benefit the Salvation army. 24 years ago, when we started this, we tried to give toys to Toys to Tots--were told they did not "need toys from bikers."
    Today, we were part of almost 5,000 motorcycles parading thru downtown Charleston, SC . In addition to filling two 30-foot trucks with toys, we also gave the Salvation Army a check for over $6,000. Pretty good for a bunch of bikers!! Its so great to ride past folks lined up on the road, cheering and clapping, and to watch those trucks fill up with really great toys.
    Then--we go to a neighborhood bar and have one serious party!!

    Happy Thanksgiving, all--as well as Christmas,Solstice, Hauunaka, Kwaanza, etc. etc. Oh, and Ramadan--