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  1. Nursing Salaries

    Come on don't sound like a babe in the woods or uneducated so what-you think they'll pay a nurse well? I consider $45 and up well(over 50k a year)If that was a start, that would be ok but most nurses know no one gives you decent money unle...
  2. How much do you make?

    I work to earn money.I expect to be compensated for my work.They pay me for my skills/experience/knowledge base/education/talents.If a nurse will not negotiate for themself, how can they be the best advocate for the patient???Think about it.
  3. Hey I created my first website

    I thought it was excellent!!! you should do just fine in nursing, as resourceful as this was. Best of luck

    Here in Rochester NY the agencies are offering $60/hr to staff the strikes.... they have also contacted the hospital for "our agency nurses" we have a corporate pool that makes $30/hr plus benefits/no shift diff and offered the $60/hr. Agency ads wer...
  5. Shortage solution

    Boy did it sound like you had a bad day 123! In reading your post a few things stood out...the dip in scheduling has that mentality " a nurse is a nurse"would they ask a pediatricin to fill in for a surgeon? Eating our young is never acceptable...I'v...
  6. Resume

    Any one know of a good site or book to update resumes ? anything relating to nursing? any and all ideas would be appreciated!
  7. A Disabled Nurse, is there hope?

    I agree with the above posts which were EXCELLENT as usual Nurses are top of their game. As someone said adaptation is key ...thing of nursing DIFFERENTLY. IE what you do with your brain not just physically..I do pediatric phone triage, managed care,...
  8. I would like to pose a question to be mulled over, Do we hear physicians going on and on about qualifications/scope of practice/titles/education etc.? Have you ever heard a physician assistant(PA) represent themselves as the doctor? Here on the BB is...
  9. Is nursing a "calling"

    Now for me I can't do the calling crap or God etc. If it works for some terrific. To me I was and continue to be intigued by the body, it's workings....body/mind/spirit plus science was a magnet, it kept MY mind interested.I like using my knowledge t...
  10. scared and alone...need advice...please

    a true nurse my friend, guilty of the most henious were human. I have no idea what has gone on in this situation but I agree with Tim now is the time to care for yourself - YOU are the patient right now. Everything you would do as a nurse...
  11. CNA's Humiliation

    I have been a nursing assistant/LPN/RN and they have ALL required the same focus "to do(no pun intended)unto others as I would have done unto myself...picture yourself as the patient and you will always get it right!when I worked in preemie nursery w...

    Doc I am sitting here LOL till my sides hurt...the visual of the "thong" versus a pair of "flip flops" AKA thong is just crack'in me up ....THANKS!
  13. Would you get out?

    kday I could relate to your post and I've been away from the bedside for 18mos....I go back tomorrow for 6hrs to see if I can tolerate this again...I ask myself in the mirror everyday"what do you want to be doing?" I love caring for humans BUT the ot...
  14. If an MD shoved you...

    I agree with every suggestion above as the most professional/moral/adult etc fantasy is to use what I've learned in kickboxing/self-defense/Steven Segal movies to kick his a**. Nurses have taken MD's crap for alot of years ...they shou...
  15. Pay Scale

    hey kewlnurse from Buff, your right here in NY I'm Rochester the numbers are sounding similar. Most nurses starting 14-15 and making $20/hr after approx 10yrs, I'd say $25/hr for 15yrs experience and over 25-30 ish for over 20yrs. NP's in our area ar...