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Hello, At the floor I work at, a lot of people are unwilling to work weekends, me included. I normally work beginning of the weeks and had agreed to work up to half of the Sundays as needed. But... Read More

  1. by   LessValuableNinja
    In the hospital system I work in, most 24/7 units require every other weekend. There are some exceptions depending on how staffing is done (IE, all 12's, some 12's some 8's, all 8's), but most are 24/7 staffed with all 12's. Weekends include Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So your schedule would go something like: Week 1: Monday/Wed/Thurs 7a-7p. Week 2: Thurs/Sat/Sun or Wed/Fri/Sat. Some people have fixed schedules negotiated during hiring or just after being on the same floor for 10 years or whatever. IE, I know someone who ALWAYS works Fri/Sat/Sun, gets full time pay and benefits, attends NP school M/W/Th, and another one who ALWAYS works one week Wed/Thurs, then the next week Tu/Wed/Sat/Sun. I work another place (Non-hospital, inpatient mental stuff) that is 8 hour shifts. Some people have set schedules, IE M-Thur, then Friday Off, work Sat, Sun off. Most people rotate. There is no set rule at that place for how weekends are split, but people who have been there a long time pretty much get the schedules they want since there are a lot of PRN people. Charge nurses work when they're scheduled, because most people can't charge (most staff are LVN there).

    I do not live in a Union State.
  2. by   NotYourMamasRN
    My current company has Weekend Alternative employees. They make time and a half for working 2 days (Sat and Sun) every weekend, and they get full time employee benefits including health and tuition assistance.
  3. by   whisperingsage
    I already work weekends, I am a Pastor's wife and run the music, bake the cookies, tend everyone's needs, clean the building, we have three services on Sundays, 10 am, 11 am and 6 pm, some lingering long past (or before) actual service times. Sometimes there is counseling. Often there are potlucks, guess who has to make the main dishes? I have to assist my husband in many of his duties, I am support staff. I have had to quit nursing jobs because of rotating schedules (which also would ruin my ability to finish my RN [am currently LPN]) or rotating weekends. I have worked a lot of registries because of my right to refuse Sundays (and Thursdays on evenings), ironically one of my bosses in the registry was SDA and they are OCD about Sabbath (Saturdays). Also oddly, one of the places I had to quit I had worked through a that same registry for 11 months but the new scheduler decided to put me on the rotating schedule just like the permanent staff, ignoring my registry status. This was disturbing. I was already working 6 days a week for them, 12 hour days and sometimes, more. I was their most reliable "staff" at the time.
    I will never get over the amount of abuse that rehabs and nursing homes heap upon their workers.

    Interesting one mentioned LVN's can't be charge nurse,I can't count the number of times I have been charge nurse. Also my last rehab, i was the only LPN that had my IV cert recorded on my license with the board, others ostensibly were but "lost the paperwork" so I had to run around doing everyone's IV's, and yes many times on NOC's there was not any RN on duty in a 200 bed rehab.
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  4. by   Swellz
    We work every third weekend and 3 Fridays out of 6. The only exception is a few of the nurses who won't do 12hr shifts, and they have to work every other weekend. Anyone who volunteers to work extra weekends is always accommodated, but we don't get any extra to work weekends.