what direction should i go?

  1. I have been a cma (CERTIFIED MEDICAL ASSISTANT) since 2002-2006 in a urgent care setting. I left my job and havent been working since 2006. I do want to become a nurse its very difficult to find a job when you havent been working for awhile..so im not sure if i should go to CNA(CERTIFIED NURSE AIDE) school and get a job from there or pharmacy tech school and learn all the meds that i think will help me in nursing school! so if you have any advice please respond!

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  3. by   oramar
    My niece is a pharmacy tech and she loves it. I can't really say it would help with being a nurse though.
  4. by   GOMER42
    If you want to be a nurse why spend time becoming a CNA or pharm tech when you can start your pre-reqs for nursing school?
  5. by   jpRN84
    I became a CNA when I was doing my pre-req's for nursing school, and worked as a CNA while in school. I was a CNA for 3 years while I was in Nursing school. It helped learn how to do basic bedside care, such as bed baths, taking vital signs. I also had the opportunity to work in an assisted living unit during that time as a Medication Aide as in PA at the time all you had to be was a CNA and have some medication education training to pass meds in personal care homes/assisted living units, I don't know if it is still like that though. Doing that helped me learn a lot about passing medications, the meds themselves, and time management. Good luck on your decision and career path.
  6. by   MichelleB34
    If you want to be a nurse you should start down that path because it will take you a few years. You can gain valuable experience working as nurse aide while you're in school. I worked as a CNA during school breaks while I was in school. I'll never forget one of my classmates said to me shortly after we had arrived on the floor for our first clinical. My patient has to go to the bathroom what do I do? I said give her a bedpan. I had a lot of the basic skills that my classmates had yet to learn. Working as an aide before you are a nurse will also help you to appreciate and understand what your aides do for you when you are a nurse. Good luck.
  7. by   classicdame
    I recommend CNA vs. Pharm Tech because of the reasons listed in the above post, but also because you will be learning policies & procedures related to nursing, building up a network of nurse co-workers, being visible to the hiring manager, and honing your nursing skills a little at a time. You would have one foot in the door. As a Pharm Tech you would also learn stuff, but not directly related to nursing and the nurses would not have a chance to get to know you. Good luck in whatever you decide.