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MichelleB34 has 13 years experience and specializes in Med-Surg/Pediatrics, Maternity.

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  1. When my kids were younger I used to calculate the amount of motrin, tylenol, etc. they should get according to their weight. I never went by what the bottle said.
  2. MichelleB34

    need help to choose a maternity project ttile!

    I work on maternity so obstetrical emergencies, gestational diabetes, and GBS are some of the topics that peak my interest and are pertinent to my practice. But if you wanted to do something different maybe you could do something on infertility. There are so many new treatments out there. If you know couples or could find couples who have gone through fertility treatment you could really bring the emotional aspect of wanting a child into your report. Having real life stories would make an otherwise dry topic interesting provided they are willing to share their experience. Have you started your clinical yet? Maybe you could get suggestions from the nurses if you are comfortable asking them.
  3. MichelleB34

    Queensland hospitals suspend medical abortions

    I reread my original post and see that I was not clear.
  4. MichelleB34

    Queensland hospitals suspend medical abortions

    I think people are misunderstanding the intent of my original post. I was referring to the two people mentioned in the original post. I was not referring to married people in a committed relationship which applies to myself as well. Abstinence is only one of many forms of legitamate birth control. I think that abortion should not be used a form of birth control which I'm sure will not be a popular opinion.
  5. Curious Jomo Nurse your age is 94? Was that a typo?
  6. I'm curious, those of you who mentioned you have 4 beds to a room? Where do you live? Our hospital has only semiprivate and private inpatient rooms. Our old ER trauma/cardiac room had 2 stretchers on each side of the room (total of 4). Our ER now has all private rooms. The PACU is the only place that holds more than 2 patients with curtains in between stretchers.
  7. MichelleB34


    I did med-surg for 11 1/2 years along with some pediatrics because it was on our unit. I wouldn't say I was burned out but maybe frustrated. Nurses are always being urged to limit their overtime. Towards the end of the last year I worked med-surg I remember commenting about how much harder this job has become since I first became a nurse. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do the same job for the rest of my career. God has led me in new direction. One year ago I switched to maternity. The overtime issue is still there because I'm in the same hospital but I love my new job (most days). I feel like I have found my niche in L&D. The funny thing is I didn't think I could make the change because the thought of working in L&D made me too nervous. I have to say though that having experience has been helpful in making the transition. There is still stress at times and it is a different kind of busy but most of the time my stress level is significantly decreased compared to my last job. I know changing jobs is not the answer to everything but it may give some of you a fresh perspective.
  8. MichelleB34

    The Daughter, The Patient, The Mother, and The Woman

    If being a nurse is still on your mind after all these years maybe you should go for it. You sound like a caring person and that will take you part of the way. In nursing school you will learn about nursing interventions. These interventions along with a genuine concern for others and their needs will help you get started. Gaining experience will help as well. When I have to do something painful to a patient it helps to realize that what you're doing is ultimately for the good of the patient, to make the patient better. I hope this helps.
  9. MichelleB34

    Queensland hospitals suspend medical abortions

    Did anyone ever stop to think that if a woman doesn't want to have a baby that abstinence would be the way to go? Then you wouldn't have to make a choice.
  10. MichelleB34

    How to prioritize new admissions to floor? Highest Priority?

    It would be hard to say without seeing the question. But my approach has alway been to make sure my patients are stable and settled before I bring up an admit from the ER. My first responsibility is to the patients I already have. Also you should see your sickest patient first or possibly your fresh postop patient. It depends what is going on.
  11. MichelleB34

    Catheter Bag Position

    The bag should always be below the bladder. To eliminate the issue of tugging at our hospital we have a strap that we are supposed to use to secure the catheter to the leg. Also we are encouraged along with the doctors to eliminate the use of catheters whenever possible. I am not sure if it is a New York state mandate or a federal mandate but the hospital will no longer be reimbursed for UTI's that are related to foley catheters. In fact even prior to the mandate one of our orthopedic surgeons rarely if ever let his patients have foley catheters even for elderly patients with ORIF of the hip. It took a little getting used to but there were hardly ever any issues r/t the lack of a catheter. We would bladder scan the patients every 6 hours and if greater than 250 or 300 we would straight cath them.
  12. MichelleB34

    So smart they are dumb?

    Yes this unusual. Hopefully that nurse took it up the chain of command or to the medical director. If he did that in front of witnesses what else is he doing when no one is looking.
  13. MichelleB34

    Govt probes nursing home mice plague

    I think our elderly deserve better than this. This is disgusting. Would anyone if they had a choice tolerate living in these kind of conditions. Many of these elderly patients may feel they have no where else to go.
  14. MichelleB34

    Doctors and Nurses, Still Learning

    Thanks for the article. That was a very interesting read. I have worked at the same small community hospital for twelve years but at one point I almost quit out of frustration. I had a so so orientation. Then I had a nurse manager who rode me all the time for no obvious reason to me or my coworkers. Long story short it took me a few years to find my way in my role as nurse. I changed shifts and thank God I had a new nurse manager who was very supportive of new nurses and helped me find my way. As I have gained experience I take very seriously the role of preceptor. I very much enjoy guiding new nurses in their role and helping them learn. Since I made a switch to maternity last year I find myself in the role of newbie again. I don't think any of can ever say we have learned it all. It keeps life interesting.
  15. MichelleB34

    Waiting Has a Magnificent Purpose

    Your outlook impresses me. If you continue to wait on God He will never fail you. He has never failed me.
  16. MichelleB34

    what direction should i go?

    If you want to be a nurse you should start down that path because it will take you a few years. You can gain valuable experience working as nurse aide while you're in school. I worked as a CNA during school breaks while I was in school. I'll never forget one of my classmates said to me shortly after we had arrived on the floor for our first clinical. My patient has to go to the bathroom what do I do? I said give her a bedpan. I had a lot of the basic skills that my classmates had yet to learn. Working as an aide before you are a nurse will also help you to appreciate and understand what your aides do for you when you are a nurse. Good luck.