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This is for all those who have changed careers....what did you do before you decided to become a nurse??? This is just to satisfy my own curiosity....I am currently working in retail and have... Read More

  1. by   P_RN
    I have resisted posting but:
    Title researcher-dad was Realtor ( did while in HS)
    Nursing Student 1 year
    Title researcher
    Secretarial school 19 mo (AA deg)
    Secretary auto repair garage
    Nursing School (2 1/2 yr)
    Nursing assistant (17 mo)
    BA degree
    Long distance operator
    Medical assistant -General Practice
    Nursing school (graduated- RN)& typed papers&title research&secretary
    RN doctor's office
    RN OR Scrub
    RN Headstart
    RN Voc Rehab
    RN Hospital
    RN public health
    RN Hospital (22 y)
    Doesn't feel like I did much though.