What country do you dream of working abroad? - page 3

I'm an Australian RN studying to be a midwife at the moment. I plan to work for a year after i graduate from midwifery and work overseas for a while. I've got a few places in mind such as vancouver... Read More

  1. by   PeachPie
    UAE, Australia, Japanese Army base or international hospital, UK.
  2. by   bluetack
    I'd love to work in the UK, USA, UAE, China (if I ever manage to improve my Mandarin).
  3. by   13th stranger
    hmmm.. i don't know what u all think of this, but i actually took up nursing with the goal of working as a nurse abroad. and i know i speak for a lot of us over here.:spin:

    i've always wanted to work in the US... dubai is another option.. also new zealand..
  4. by   cicada