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I'm very curious to see some of the answers here! If I wasn't able to do nursing, I would have done social work! :balloons:... Read More

  1. by   Dieselmota
    A creative writer of poetry and short prose.
  2. by   slou!
    Quote from Drifternurse
    I actually would have become a speech pathologist; I was in my second semester in that Master's program when I decided to pursue nursing. This was back in 1982 and most SLP jobs were in schools but I wanted to work with adult stroke victims in that field. I heard there weren't many of those jobs so went to nursing instead. Well, I've had quite a taste of nursing now(21 yrs) and if I could financially do it, I'd return to speech pathology.
    That was one of my reasons too! I did not want to work in a school, although I did want to work with children.
  3. by   hhrhrn41
    I would have either went to school to be a veterinarian or obtained whatever degree would qualify me to open my own chain of daycares, like Kindercare and such.
  4. by   TrudyRN
    social work, librarian, interior designer, owner of my own business of any kind that doesn't have anything to do with sick people in sad circumstances; oh, and maybe a lawyer or a writer or a worker with flowers or a wedding planner/coordinator or a pianist or a million other things. Life is too short, isn't it?

    LOL I always say - what's right today for a person isn't necessarily right for all time. People go through various phases, interests and abilities change. I guess where there's life, there's the possibility of change.
  5. by   zolly786
    i'd be a pharmacist. i love that aspect of health care, and my husband (who does community pharmacy) makes 60% more than i do.

    i can't justify another 5 years of school, and having to move 8 hours away from here. and i still love nursing, so why change jobs?
  6. by   all4schwa
    if i wasn't a nurse i would want to be a surgical tech. and if we are talking out of the hospital, i would want to be a biologist or a teacher or maybe a biology professor.
  7. by   Brotherbob
    If I had not been a nurse might have worked at sea, or news photography.
  8. by   bearsnurse
    In college I applied for a spot in journalism but ended up enrolling in a nursing program but if i would have pursued journalism I would love to be a travel/food journalist imagine globe troting seeing the world and learning about other people's culture i think it's the coolest job ever but i have done the travelling bit through nursing...
  9. by   Lacie
    I was a police officer prior to going to nursing school. Switched as my po husband felt it was "too dangerous". Nursing was my secondary choice actually. Looking back I wish I had stayed in the profession and do miss it. I put up with more BS as an RN than I did as an Officer.
  10. by   Ruthiegal
    Quote from iceyspots
    I'm very curious to see some of the answers here! If I wasn't able to do nursing, I would have done social work!

    Marine Biologist!
  11. by   sanctuary
    Nun in an orphanage
    Portrait Photographer
  12. by   rhenmag9
    -News anchor
    wedding organizer
    pre-school teacher
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  13. by   NurseCard
    Well, I actually DID start out as a graphic designer, but that career tanked. So nursing is a second career for me.

    Art is still my first love, and I eventually want to really do something with it, even if that is just showing my pantings and drawings in various galleries and exibits, and not necessarily making much money doing that.

    IF I were ten years younger though, and without children, I'd go back to school and learn to be a web developer, or I'd get an actual 2-year commercial art degree. I only had a BA in art, and didn't really concentrate in graphic design; just took a lot of varied art classes.