What are you worth?

  1. How do your wages compare with other states? Do you get benefits? What are you really worth?

    If you're an LPN, the median wage in the USA in 2000 was $14.15 per hour, with a low of $10.34 to a high of $20.10

    If you're an RN, the median wage in the USA in 2000 was $21.56, with a low of $15.33 to a high of $30.94.

    A physical therapist in 2000, earned a median wage of $26.35, with a low of $18.51 and a high of $40.08.

    A CNA, in 2000, made a median wage of $8.89, with a low of $6.48 to a high of $12.69.

    In 2000, the median wage for a computer programmer was $27.69, with a low of $16.84 to a high of $44.81.

    Some occupations per wage hour, that require only on-the-job training (in 2000 using median wages) were:
    Air Traffic Controllers $36.71
    Elevator Repairman $24.74
    Firefighter $23.35
    Electrician $22.84
    Carpet Layers $22.63
    Carpenter $15.84

    Some occupations per wage hour, that require post-secondary education or an Associates Degree (in 2000 using median wages) were:
    Dental Hygienists $26.71
    Registered Nurses $19.37
    Massage Therapists $17.72
    Computer Support Specialists $17.16

    Some occupations per wage hour, that require a Bachelor's Degree or higher (in 2000 using median wages) were:
    Surgeons $70.00 ++
    Chief Executives $50.06
    Internists, General $64.73
    Lawyers $47.42
    Computer and Information Systems Managers $32.67
    Computer Software Engineers, Applications $31.33

    Information compiled from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Career InfoNet

    Are nurses wages really too low? You decide.
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  3. by   live4today
    What am I worth?

    As a human being and a child of the BIG KAHUNA......I am worth more than all the money ever made or will ever be made. :kiss

    As a wife and mother........same answer as above. :kiss

    As a nurse.........same answer as above. :kiss
  4. by   pebbles
    I am worth a million dollars.

    Somebody should be able to manipulate the statistics to prove that...
  5. by   shannonRN
    interesting post...thanks for sharing.
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Ask my family, friend and patients, and I bet you will blow the "hellinski" (to steal from Renee) outa that statistical info posted here. It was interesting nonetheless. But really, we are more than the sum of what we make.
  7. by   jnette
    Great answer, Renee !

    We decide what we're worth. We may never be compensated accordingly (in terms of $$), but I sure do sleep well at night knowing who I am. To me that is worth more than all the cash in the world. Knowing my own worth makes all else pale in comparison. And as far as my patients go.. to them I am priceless. So what I don't receive from the "corporation" I have enough of myself to draw on, and that keeps me going..as well as knowing what I'm worth to my patients. Money's nice, it helps, but it sure can't replace the other ! I've seen years without a plug nickel...but I've always held onto my selfworth. If I can look in the mirror and like what I see.. look into my soul and find all is well...what more can I ask?
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  8. by   mario_ragucci
    I once heard a preacher say the human body is only worth about 86 cents. I agree. Heh - it depends what worth means; in what terms.

    Imma fresh CNA and make ten an hour with full bennies at the number one place to work on earth.
  9. by   donmurray
    To get back to the clearly secular topic, much more than I am paid.
  10. by   mcruss
    Interesting read....

    Mario-How much time do you spend taking your picture??? Is it really you??
  11. by   spineCNOR
    More importantly, Mario--where is the number one place on earth to work?? It sure as h**l isn't where I'm working!
  12. by   mario_ragucci
    Lol, there's no shutter speed on a digital camera, but each picture takes roughly one second. lol. And it's not me...it's a image of me preserved on magnetic disk, Lol. I don't know if i should reveal the wonderful place we provide the most excellent care, love our vocations, and are taken care of money-wize too.
  13. by   NannaNurse
    Certianly not what we are being paid!! Actually, I would love to make and would really be happy with $20/hr.
    Am I setting my sights too low?? Not really, I'm just trying to be realistic and when I have more education 'under my belt' then I will expect more, but right now, I would be satisfied with the $20.
    I did feel that my current pay was 'low' and went to the HR director and made a plea for a re-evaluation....guess what? I got a 84 cent raise......I was not expecting anything (didn't want to be let down). I get all the overtime I want and diffs, so for right now, I guess I happy with it......as I really don't see a big 'shift' of the scale for us nurses.
    I can hope tho'
  14. by   Rustyhammer
    I am worth what I give.
    If I extend a hand to one who is helping himself then in return I will receive help when needed.
    Money is but a temporary gift to tease us.