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Curious at what the average age is that people are in nursing school? I am doing my pre reqs now and will be 28 when I start! :lol2:... Read More

  1. by   kavibalu
    Re: What age were you when you went to nursing school?

    I started at 18 and graduated in 21.And started my career at 21. Then I started my post gratuation on 2003 and completed on 2005.
  2. by   Lainie B
    age 54 - Second career here! Even tho I qualified for both RN and LPN programs this past fall, I chose the LPN 'cuz I need the $$ soon. When we read all about the 'older patient' believe me, I'm feeling some of the future! Because my birthday is 8/14, I started at age 54, and will graduate at age 54 on 8/10.

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    -Laine Baxley
  3. by   BoomerRN
    I started nurs. pre-reqs at age 24, with two little boys ages 5 months & 3 yrs. I was on a waiting list at my local college and was called and informed I could start the RN program the fall of 1974. I told them, I wanted to have another baby first and would be ready to begin the fall of 1975. Well, I had my baby girl Feb. 3, 1975 and took the NLN a month later, with my breasts seeping milk. (I padded them real good & when I left the testing area that afternoon and removed the pads, you could have knocked someone out with one of them-lol). I started the nursing program the next fall. I often wonder now, What was I thinking! Fortunately, I have a wonderful husband and he helped me a lot with encouragement and everything at home. It was very tough getting through the program, but I was determined, and stubborn, and graduated in 1977 as an RN. My chilren are 38, 35, and 32 now. Being older and wiser now, lol, I don't think I would do it this way again. But I was young and felt I could do anything I wanted and I wanted to be an RN and am glad I did it. We had a few ladies in their 50's back then and I so much respected them. We also had 7 guys in the class. I would tell anyone who wants to be a nurse to follow your dream. It's hard work and sometimes you may feel like you want to quit, but hang in there. It is worth all the blood, sweat, & tears!
  4. by   Bimey1935
    In 1952, at age 17 I started Nursing School in Ohio. At that time and place it was accepted girls would get married, become nuses , teachers, or secretarys. I graduated in 1955, married, worked while my husband studied and attained a Phd. We had 7 children,6 of whom have graduate degrees, 3girls and 4 boys.
    I was able to work in a variety of areas, in 5 different states ,part time , full time when i needed to, and enjoyed a very satisfying work life I have always advised my co-workers to get a degree and to fight for professional status.
  5. by   HappyNurse2005
    started pre-reqs at 2 weeks after turning 20, graduated at 23, 3 months before turning 24.
  6. by   charlabsn06
    Started my BSN program in 2004 at 34, graduated last month at 36, will be 37 three weeks after starting my new grad program! Went to college right after HS (age 17) majoring in Communication/English. Husband and kids came next....Returned to school three weeks before my 34th birthday, and I was definitely not the oldest person there as I had expected!! Many students were changing careers mid life: some had kids, some didn't. It is awesome to see the many different walks of life future nurses come from. I was amazed and inspired by everyone. Especially the younguns (19-21) who knew without a doubt this was what they wanted to do!
  7. by   anrn1995
    Went straight out of high school. Graduated @ 21. That was 11 years ago
  8. by   Grammie1
    57 now, 58 1/2 when I finish.
  9. by   jbrooks13411
    im 38,,just thinking about becoming an RN.better late then never...
  10. by   newbeginnings07
    24 now,start in April 07,will be 25
  11. by   newbeginnings07
    I'm 24 now, will be 25 when I start this April Sorry,I thought it didn't go through the first time.
  12. by   NurseDalton
    Started Nursing school at 44, graduated at 46!
  13. by   NurseDalton
    Started Nursing School at 44, graduated at 46.