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but today I got a verbal "Duh" from a Cath Lab RN. I work recovery and I received a Cath patient who THEY wouldn't hold for a tele bed because they wanted to go home(last case). So the guy had a... Read More

  1. by   Dinith88
    That cath-lab nurse was a dork. Although they do know ALOT about angiography (and they had better!), their expertise/knowledge in the vast abundance of everything else nurses do is sometimes (frequently!) lacking! It goes with the territory when you specialize. Cath-lab people do really cool stuff (ever seen an angio?)...but they do it DAY IN and DAY OUT..ALL DAY LONG....it's gotta get really redundant, like anything else. (time to make the doughnuts...) .

    I'd be willing to wager they'd be just as lost (maybe more-so) if they were suddenly floated to your unit and expected to work in your role....and she knows it.

    OR...perhaps the nurse you're speaking of just has an inferiority complex and has to compensate by trying to make you feel like...well, like the way you felt.
    Don't take it to heart, all she REALLY did was display a big character flaw....
  2. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I'd take it in just like i always do, with a mental note to myself of "ok, there's yet another thing i will not do as a nurse, is to make people feel embarrassed just because they may not know how to do this".
  3. by   dianah
    Dinith88: yes, the whole procedure is "the same," meaning the heart cath or angio in particular. However, arterial approach may vary, each patient and his/her needs are different, anatomy is different so may require change of technique or catheters (and you don't know till you get there!), and each person's response to the sedation as well as perspective about the exam is different --- ya never know what may happen! I've seen totally normal coronaries on exam, but as soon as the catheter lodged in the right coronary, the pt went into Vfib - BOOM! No pathology but got OUR adrenalin going!

    And I do agree with sharann: EVERY area is a specialty. I would hope anyone caring for me or my grandpa or my mom, has good assessment skills AND good patient care skills, regardless of the area in which they work.

    As I said before, in my mind we are ALL working TOGETHER, FOR THE PATIENT. (just some of us need reminding at times )
    And now, back to your regularly-scheduled program. -- D
  4. by   sharann
    Yep, when we hear "ANY ANESTHESIOLOGIST STAT TO CATH LAB!!!" over the intercom, we all look at eachother and think "S#$%!"
  5. by   ejm99
    I think specialized nurses sometimes forget that they were once not so specialized.
    Seasoned nurses too.
    I was treated pretty well by the Nurses on all my rotations while in clinical...all were very gracious and sharing in the knowlege that they had...

    the one thing that every one told me was that actually BEING a nurse is nothing like they teach you in school.
  6. by   dianah
    Have to agree, ejm99.