weekend nights

  1. I work nights which includes q other weekend. Our weekends are Sat/Sun for all shifts.

    If you work weekend nights what does that mean in your hospital?

    Sat/Sun or Fri/Sat?
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  3. by   All_Smiles_RN
    fri/sat for night shift
  4. by   matchstickxx
    Fri and Sat nocs.
  5. by   clemmm78
    Can be either/or here, depends on the person.
  6. by   Myxel67
    8 hr shift : weekend begins 11pm Frigay night

    12 hr shift: weekend begins 7pm Friday night:smilecoffeecup: :smilecoffeecup: :smilecoffeecup:
  7. by   caliotter3
    At every place I have ever worked there was no distinction made. You either worked those days or you didn't, based on your particular schedule. We also did not receive shift differentials except for one employer. The employer that paid a differential paid for noc shift, with no distinction whether or not it occurred on a weekend.
  8. by   mekrn
    Every other weekend here is Friday and Saturday. We are also required to work 2 Sundays (as dayshift is required to work 2 Fridays) a month. Most people choose to do those Sundays on their weekend so as not to screw up their weekend off.
  9. by   LilRedRN1973
    We are required to work 4 weekend shifts (day or night shift does) and one of those days must be a Saturday (day or night). For nocs, weekend consists of Friday, Saturday, or Sunday nights and for days, it's Saturdays and Sundays.

    Melanie = )
  10. by   loricatus
    Saturday & Sunday for days, evenings or (over)nights. No weekend differential and a mandatory every other weekend of work.
  11. by   kcalohagirl
    Wow, we are lucky where I work.

    Weekends for dayshift are Sat/Sun. For nightshift it is Fri/Sat/Sun. Our weekend differential is an additional $2.25 on top of our nightshift differential. Someone working weekend option gets premium pay of $13/hour over base pay.

    The more I hear, the luckier I feel. Some days I truly love my hospital.
  12. by   RNinSoCal
    Nocs weekend is Fri, Sat here. Every other weekend mandatory for staff RNs.
  13. by   crb613
    Ours is Fri/Sat/Sun days & nocs every other weekend. M/S noc shift started a type of self schedule...so we decided weekends should not include Fridays....& worked it out so we only work every third Sat/Sun.
  14. by   mom2michael
    Night shift weekends are Fri/Sat/Sun
    Day shift weekends are Sat/Sun

    We self schedule and for day shift in a 6 week period we are required to work 4 weekend shifts, 2 Mondays and 2 Fridays
    For night shift we are required to work 4-6 weekend shifts (depends on staffing, we have a lot of night weekend workers) per 6 week schedule and we don't have the Monday rule on night shift.

    We get a 10% shift diff for working 7-10:30 p and then from 10:30-7:30 am we get 20%. No diff for working weekends unless you are on the weekend program only - then you get another 20%.