Weekend Degree Program - St. Joseph's (Syracuse, NY)

  1. All:

    Since I work full-time (days) as a computer-programmer and want to become a nurse (tired of being in a box/cubicle all day), I am looking to weekend nursing programs.

    I came across the Weekend Degree Program at St. Joseph's Hospital in Syracuse, NY.

    Some questions:

    - Has anyone on this board attended this school? If so, what were / are your opinions?

    - Also, if anyone here knows of any other weekend nursing degree programs, can you provide info/links?


    I currently live in Evansville, IN and this is the ONLY school that I have found that offers clinicals on the weekends. I checked into flights/etc and they are within my budget,

    Nursing is a career I want to pursue (not for the $$) but to actually get out of the office cubicle environment and being able to talk with folks - and of course, helping them.


    So, if anyone out there has experience with this school, or just wants to talk about nursing in general - advice, opinions, etc. Feel free to either respond here or at jpcoxey@aol.com


    John Coxey
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  3. by   NurseDennie
    That's exactly why I became a nurse, too, John. I was systems manager and the only exercise I got was crawling under people's desks, and the only people I talked to wanted something stupid and were too stupid to talk with.

    I went to a regular school - there are schools with weekend programs, as well. Actually, a whole lot of online schools advertise on this very BB - I guess you could look at the ads at the top of all the pages and click on the ones that look interesting to you. Others will have more intelligent suggestions as well.


  4. by   SirJohnny

    The ones that are online want you to have either RN already, or have clinical experience.

    I looked at Univ of Phoenix, and Excelsior -- both are the same, must have either clinical experience or already have RN degree.

    Most online schools are RN --> BSN programs.

    I am in Evansville, IN - the middle of nowhere. I talked with the local schools first - but all the clinicals are daylight hours 3 or 4 days per week.


    I looked at Univ of Pgh in Shadyside, PA. But they want 2 or 3 evenings per week in addition to weekend clinicals. So can't do that. As I am 400 mi from Pgh. Could fly on weekends - but not weekdays.


    The Syracuse, NY option (mentioned in my 1st post) - has you
    comming in on Fri by noon - (classes start at 6PM Fri), and leave
    at 6PM Sunday.

    You go every other weekend.

    Can take a break if you need a semester off to recover.


    I used to live in Denver, CO and commute weekly to Philly, PA to
    work for Hewlett-Packard (they paid for flights/etc). So am used to travelling back and forth.


    Now I have a normal 8AM-5PM job with American General Finance here in Evansville. And want to pursue my dream of becomming a nurse.

    Unfortunately I have to be in the office during daylight hours.


    - So that's why I am looking into weekend nursing schools.

    - Again, if anyone out there has any info on this or other weekend nursing schools. Contact me.


    John Coxey
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  5. by   Mkue
    Did you try Deaconess? They offer an RN and LPN program, check the Student Nursing forum and do a search. It was discussed a few months ago. Opalm was checking into it.

    Good Luck, marie
  6. by   SirJohnny

    Thanks for the info.

    I'll give these guys a call in the morning.

    However, I am afraid that it may be another BSN->RN program. That's the only one I saw offered online.

    Also, how would I get to do weekend clinicals? Remember, it's gotta be weekends or weeknights. That's the biggie.

    You would think with the nursing shortage (the hospitals here in Evansville are screaming for nurses), that some school would see an opportunity to make $$ and offer weekend clinicals.


    Thanks for the info.

    John Coxey
  7. by   Mkue
    John, I believe Deaconess does offer more than just the BSN, I know for a fact that Opalm was checking into it and they do offer LPN and RN programs. I believe the clinicals are set up to correspond close to weekends if I'm not mistaken and you would only have to attend during those times.

    Give them a call, I guess they are very nice there.

    Let us know.

  8. by   sjoe
    "Nursing is a career I want to pursue (not for the $$) but to actually get out of the office cubicle environment and being able to talk with folks - and of course, helping them."

    If this is your goal, I would seriously suggest you think of some other alternatives to nursing--like social work or maybe a medical tech job (sonography, etc.), or dealing more directly with customers in your present field (consulting, sales, etc.).

    Most of the time you are so busy that you have NO time to "talk with folks," your patients are rushed in and out (if outpatients), and, except in LTC, you often have too many to even get to know their names (if inpatients).

    It sounds to me as though you are thinking of the way nursing USED to be and not the way it really is now (and will be in the forseeable future).

    Best wishes
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  9. by   sunnygirl272
    i agree with sjoe...and i think you 're insane to wanna fly from indiana to syracuse every weekend for school....if you can afford to do that....i'd stay with whatever cubicle-job you are in now....cuz baby, your checkbook will be in for a rude awakening!!!
  10. by   jdomep
    I go to an evening/weekend program which is just great So if you want to move to PA
  11. by   RNKitty
    I worked at St. Jo's last year, and it is a very good hospital for which to work. There is no union, but their HR policies are very nurse friendly. The grads from their school seemed well trained, and most had jobs at St. Jo's when they graduated.

    That said, I can't imagine the schedule you are talking about. Nursing school was a 60-80 hour a week job for me, between classes, clinicals, and homework. Maybe that is just me, but I wouldn't plan on any sort of sleep if you stick with your plan.
  12. by   dianacs
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  13. by   dianacs
    My school has an evening/weekend program. All the clinicals are on weekends, with the exception of one semester where the clinicals take place on a weekday (community health site not open eves/weekends). We also have class one or two weeknights. However, if you are taking Skills Lab or Health Assessment, you have to plan on spending a lot more time in the lab outside regularly scheduled class time. You have a really ambitious plan, flying all over the country. Could you do 4 10-hr days at your job? You might be able to swing it then. My school is in the St. Louis area, which might even be within driving distance for you. Deaconess is also based here in St. Louis, if you wanted to get info about that school in person.
  14. by   oneLoneNurse
    Interesting, very interesting. I found the first thing I ever really want to learn back in 1982 learning programming at the University of Calgary. Fall of 1982 I took the money and ran to nursing school. The province gave me a deal I could not refuse!! Anyway, always swore I would go back to programming. I am now working for a major hospital as a programmer. I love the combination of nursing and programming. Nursing has been good to me as well as giving me a good livelihood and teaching me medical stuff it has taught me patience, humility and about prejudice( I'm a male nurse ). I don't sit at my cubicle desk all the time. There are meetings and phone calls from clients where we really do make a difference. I get tremendous satisfaction from filling client requests. I worked in the pharm industry as a SAS programmer for a couple of years, but didn't enjoy it as much because of the lack of client contact. Anyway, I thought this thread was a good place to verbalize the combination of programming/nursing which is so dynamic in todays' world and which I am excited about and hey its early Monday morning.