Ways to use my BSN other than bedside nursing???

  1. Hello-

    I'm a senior nursing student soon to graduate. I have determined through all my clinical experience that I do not enjoy bedside nursing. I have also determined that I would not enjoy pharmacuetical sales, nurse practitioner, public health nurse, teaching, or nursing management.

    So my question is: What can I do with my Bachelors degree in nursing other than the above? I know there has to be something else it can be used for...but I cant think of anything. Please let me know any suggestions you might have!!

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  3. by   EricJRN
    Was there something in particular that turned you off to these areas? That information might make it easier for us to point you in a good direction.
  4. by   bigd1023
    Everyone I talk to asks me that but I can't pin it down exactly. I don't like the 3 day work weeks, I dont like the long shifts, and I dont like being "stuck" inside a hospital all day. I like adventure, traveling (not a bedside travel nurse), meeting new people (Public relations), trying new things, etc.

    Does that help??
  5. by   bigd1023
    i forgot one more thing....I HATE all the paperwork and charting that bedside nurses do!!
  6. by   Janeenie32
    Have you considered a Nurse Liasion or a Nurse Consultant? Seems like there is absoultely nothing you like about your chosen profession. Since you still have 12 months left, why not change your major?
  7. by   bigd1023
    I graduate in 6 weeks. It would be silly to change majors. I was hoping there was some way I could still use my degree.
  8. by   Janeenie32
    I think its great that you are so close to graduating and have such a wonderful achievement. Why not expore Nurse Liasion?
  9. by   bigd1023
    I actually have never heard about nurse liasion before. Where could I find out more information about it?
  10. by   GingerSue
    if you did home visiting nursing then you would not be in a hospital at all, instead you would be out and about in the neighborhoods or maybe schools

    do health assessments for insurance companies?

    weight loss centres hire nurses?
    infection control nurse?
  11. by   Bicycleboy
    Why not stick it out then get an advanced degree. How about flight nursing or working in the military
  12. by   Danish
    You could teach too. LPN programs hire BSN's...Either way, of all the degrees you could have gotten, I believe nursing is about as broad as you could get. You'll find your niche
  13. by   NRSKarenRN
    Have you done a community health rotation yet?

    All the things you describe you love seem to fit with visiting nursing.
    Check out our: Home Health Nursing forum
  14. by   foxyhill21
    What is a nurse liasion?
    Quote from Urbanblonde
    I think its great that you are so close to graduating and have such a wonderful achievement. Why not expore Nurse Liasion?