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I saw some pictures earlier with Nurses wearing wrist watches, however many hospitals over here are banning them, so fob watches are the norm. I just wondered if any one had an opinion on this?... Read More

  1. by   P_RN
    We call them Lapel Watches in the US.

    Here's one like mine.
    Late Entry

    I was just looking at the Florence Nightingale School site under dress code.

    Even the lapel (fob) watch has to be pinned on so that it "falls within a pocket."
    And they wear plastic aprons to be changed between patients.
    Sounds like an idea worth borrowing.
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  2. by   Thunderkat
    I would be lost with out my trusty old friend..timex....waterproof and handy. I tried a lapel watch and it gave me a headache reading it. I think my watch has a lower risk of harming a patient than some of my coworkers with the extreme nails and rings on every finger.
  3. by   eventsnyc
    Thank you for all the info on the watches. I am thinking to get a lapel watch.

    Also, I had seen on the net ( an 'EMT' watch for man, it has a large dial & calender. I am thinking: a man's watch band is large enough to be pushed up the arm. Will that be practical?

    Thank you.

  4. by   P_RN
    I wore a man's watch with a stretch band like that for years. But remember when the band is stretched it picks up more crud that has to be cleaned out.

    Another idea could be one of those watches that you hang on a belt loop. I also had one that hung from a long neck chain that I could tuck into the scrub pocket.

    I also tried a digital watch with an alarm...wonderful when you have to time something like a blood sugar stick or something.

    Whatever you get, make sure it stays clean, is water resistant, and is easy and comfortable to use.
  5. by   nur20
    A FOB watch should be mandatory. You wouldn't believe the crud that collects under, in and around watches. Mine usually end up in my pocket. I feel the same way about them as i do about nails
  6. by   night owl
    Even though we have clocks in every room, at the nurses station, in the hall and someone even took one off the wall and brought it into the BR, who's to say they will be working??? They run on batteries and it seems that when they run out, it's months before we receive replacements. So I wear my trusty Timex, but do have to clean the crud out every so often. I've tried to pin it to the inside of my pocket, but I just feel too nehkid without it on my wrist.