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  1. hello people. a year from now i will be graduating. im currently a nursing student. and i do have plans to work as a nurse in the overseas especially in the US and europe. and i was wondering if employers in the hospital prohibits aspiring nurses to have tattoos in there body? u see i have some plans to have a tattoo but that is just a tentative plan only. want to hear if i wont be hired because of having a tattoo. im planning to have one in my deltoid area. thanks in advance. God Bless....
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  3. by   Tweety
    Tattoos are fine here where I work. A lot of people have them. If it's in the deltoid where no one can see it, it's no one's business that you have one. It's not on the job applications here.

    Good luck.
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    No discriminatory practices exist where I work Re: tatoos. But "excessive" piercings are another story, for safety reasons. Not allowed to have eyebrow rings or tongue rings, but tatoos, nothing specific about those. you should be fine most places.
  5. by   kiszi
    I do try to ensure that my tattoos are covered for interviews--- just to avoid creating any subconscious neg. reaction. I really only have one that I even have to worry about (ankle) which is easily concealed with makeup or dark tights.

    It's not likely that a potential employer will ask about tattoos. I think that as long they're covered, it's really nobody's business, like Tweety said. I have had employers that required any visible tattoos to be covered with a bandage. Never heard of anyone not being hired because of one.
    So go for it if you want one!! (it doesn't hurt that bad :spin: )

  6. by   ceecel.dee
    discretion is recommended...tattoos are pretty common here, and some are quite nice, but be discrete.
  7. by   saitox
    thanks for the rplies everyone. i think i have to think more throughly if i want a tattoo or not. but im not in a hurry.
  8. by   Agnus
    Most places I have been require that tatoos not be visible while on duty. Pericings can be a hazard for you and consequently most places I have been either require that no ring be present in any visible peircings while on duty. every place I have been does allow at least a single pair of stud earings. Some still don't want anyothers but many are starting to lighten up if you have a nose stud, or multiple ear studs.

    I'd be worried myself wearing any ring in any peircing. Too dangerous with patients.
  9. by   jennyfyre
    My hospital just requires that they are not visible while working. They also have relaxed their policy on piercing.. small nose studs are okay and "tasteful" earring within reason. I have my ears pierced 3x in one and 4x in the other and wear very small rings... even a baby couldn't get into these! I also have a belly piercing that almost nobody knows about... until last Christmas when I forgot to take out the jingle bell belly ring! Everyone wanted to know where the jingling was coming from!!!