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What has happened to common sense in the hospital? I had a patient who had a hysterectomy (TAH and BSO) Tuesday morning. This young lady was only back her room for about 20 minutes when she had... Read More

  1. by   Brownms46
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER

    You go girl! Us bad guys gotta stick together for the patients!


    You betcha we do...!!
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    Originally posted by shay
    Ya knooooooooowwwwwww.............I just gotta chime in on this one. Honey, visitors irritate the holy livin' snot outta me. I of course, work OB, where people think they are entitled to see their neighbor's-cousin's-girlfriend's bloody vagina at 3am and get all indignant if we kick 'em out.

    Heather, Brownie, and the rest of you 'meanie' nurses, ladies, I'm right there with ya!!! LOL!!! I am evil, evil, evil!! I will throw your a$$ out of my unit in a heartbeat. I don't care who you are. I have called security more than once to escort an unruly/uncooperative 'visitor' (I have another name for them, but can't type it here...) out of the hospital. My unit is locked, and it has a strict visitation policy. GOD BLESS 'EM. My managers, secretary, and fellow nurses back it up with action, too. And security is WONDERFUL when it comes to coming to our rescue.

    I have worked in several places that weren't locked and had wussy or nonexistent vistiation policies, and let me tell ya....when I interviewed for the place I work now, you bet your butt I asked them about their visitation policy. Had the unit not been locked and the visitation policy been wussy or not enforced, I would have turned down the job offer. I'm totally serious.

    Mattsmom, you hit the nail on the head. I refuse to work in a place that expects me to protect my patient and co-workers, but refuses to give me the tools or power to do so!!
    AMEN...and AMEN! Inconsiderate ...don't know when to leave visitors...who take over a pt's room...and think they have the right to infringe on my pts inability or refusal to stand up to them...have no fear...the meanies are here...:chuckle
  3. by   mattsmom81
    Ya'll make me laugh....I am a Yankee transplant down here in the Southland...and was put in charge right out of nursing school because I was more 'assertive' than most of the southern belles.

    I very quickly got dubbed 'The Dragon Lady at the front desk' when I ran off an unruly group of young men who were gallivanting around our unit reeking of booze and disturbing everyone. The nickname stuck---all 7 years at that hospital I was 'The Dragon Lady' to the nursing and medical staff.
  4. by   Brownms46
    'The Dragon Lady' dunnn dunup dunup...YEAHHHHH!!!

    I LOVE IT!!!:chuckle
  5. by   nurs2bhopefully

    That actually happened to me, as I'm sure 80 % of other women also! Hubby and I arrived at the hospital at 11:02 PM on a Saturday night- I finally delivered at 7:13 Sunday morning, exhausted and in obviously in pain...........still had to sit there and endure visitors alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ll day up until 8 that night. All of my nurses were wonderful, no complaints about them whatsoever, but I was praying for one of them to tell my family and hubby's family to let me rest so I wouldn't have to be the villian! Not a nurse yet, but when I do become one, I'll always make sure to remember to ask the mother if she's up to all of the visitors for hours on end!
  6. by   rndiva1908
    Vistors can absolutely make your job hell, as if we don't have enough on our plate already. I truly empathize with family members being concerned about their loved ones, because I've been on that side of the fence myself. But the numerouse phone calls at shift change asking about how so-and-so is doing and you haven't even gotten out of report yet drives me crazy. I love it when they ask how they slept during the night and the pt. is A/O x3. Is it a tad bit selfish of me to think that the pt. can tell them how they slept much better that I can? And what about the visitors who won't do a single thing for their family members like even hand them a kleenex.
  7. by   Brownms46
    Yeahhhh the call from the room "My mother has to go to the bathroom REAL BAD..and she needs HELP NOW!!! Go to the room and husband and daughter sitting there looking at ya!!GRRRR !!

    When MY mother had to go to the bathroom...I would have to be comatose not to help her!!!
  8. by   JBudd
    I very quickly got dubbed 'The Dragon Lady at the front desk' when I ran off an unruly group of young men who were gallivanting around our unit reeking of booze and disturbing everyone. The nickname stuck---all 7 years at that hospital I was 'The Dragon Lady' to the nursing and medical staff. [/B][/QUOTE]

    Well, this is somewhat better than "machete woman". When I was on federal jury duty, the Public Defender was going through questioning everyone on their gun ownership. I told him I preferred archery, so he snickered that if someone came after my kids would I go get my little bow and arrow? I (being under oath) replied, no I'd just use my machete. They put me on the (murder trial) jury ANYWAY! and I was the Machete Woman from then on.

    I once had a mother of an teen, (who was under arrest for stabbing the guy in my trauma room), start screaming at the officer who let her in to see her son, and then start screaming at my staff nurse who went to check it out. I ended up putting her in a full nelson hold, and frog marching her out the door.
  9. by   sandstormsdust
    alrighty I am in total shock... I was raised where u are calm in hospitals... don't bring children... except to the post-partum floor with complete supervision or to see a family member grandparent for a short time.... to me a hospital is for the sick... unless it has a delivary department and everyone there, docs, nurses, patients are to be respected.... If a nurse says no... it means just that... and if in doubt ask... and if they say no, respect it... they know what is going on and if you can't listen to them... then why the heck are u there

  10. by   mattsmom81
    Sandstormsdust, I was raised this way too....but people today are so spoiled and 'entitled' they think nurses should be all things to all people. Makes my blood curdle.

    Gee, I thought I was a 'professional'...but administration claims I am a service worker with a "How can I help? I have time." attitude. GRRRR.....

    The family members that camp out at the bedside and want to snap their fingers to see the nurse jump to attention very quickly earn my disdain. They may refuse to leave, but I don't have to pretend I'm glad they are there, and I make it clear they are in my way and wasting my precious time if their attitudes and demands are out of line in any way.

    I have, of course, been reported to administration MANY MANY times.....but I REFUSE to be a servant to these rude, inconsiderate visitors who make a nuisance of themselves on our busy unit.
  11. by   Jas honey
    is frog marching?? LOL i have this vision......maybe it's correct haha!!!!
  12. by   shay
    Originally posted by JBudd
    I ended up putting her in a full nelson hold, and frog marching her out the door.
    YOU GO, GIRL!!!

    Sandstormdust, you're right....we were almost ALL raised that way. But what Mattsmom said is unfortunately true...todays visitors feel they are 'entitled' and to be waited upon by the nurse. Nurses aren't there to take care of the sick, we're only there to fluff pillows and warm bedpans....LOL!!
  13. by   fedupnurse
    I coulndn't agree with Mattsmom more about the total lack of support. I have had visitors make comments to me about the total lack of security in the main lobby at night. I raised this issue at a general staff meeting with the suits. The COO told me I was wrong, that security is in the main lobby until the front doors are locked at midnight. I said to him "I work 2 to 4 night shifts a week. I have NEVER seen the likes of you in the lobby or anywhere else in this place after about 7 pm w(which is when my shift starts). I am telling you that when I get the 2 seconds I have during my shift for a break, I go to the coffee shop to pick something up to eat later on and there are NEVER any people other than visitors in the lobby and that patients families comment on this and well they should. We are not located in a crime free community here." Nothing changed. Doors are still unlocked without any employees there after about 9 pm.
    Forget about getting back up from mgmt or suits regarding visitors. Again we have this hotel environment, this customer service mentality. We have lost control of the hospitals and look at where we are now!!!!! SCARY!!!!!
    I too have no problem kicking people out of the unit but you'd be amazed at how sneaky people are. When we are short staffed and no one is at the desk most of the time because we are all in patients rooms, an axe murderer could come in and we wouldn't have a clue about it until it was too late. I have also tried the "what if we have to evacuate" line too and they didn't buy that either. Scary thing is I work in a facility that had a guy come in and shoot his brother in the head (Movie;An act of Love), 2 big fires where we did have to evacuate to other areas of the hospital, black outs with generator failures, floods due to lousy construction. You'd think with all that in our history they'd be a little more careful......