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What has happened to common sense in the hospital? I had a patient who had a hysterectomy (TAH and BSO) Tuesday morning. This young lady was only back her room for about 20 minutes when she had... Read More

  1. by   h2ogoddess
    Gosh, I work in LTC and we have many of the same problems.
    We have many family members who will walk into the Nurses Station and use the phone and read everything in sight and listen to everything that is said and then of course spread it all over town and guess who gets the blame for talking about "work issues and residents". Yeph, the staff. I say the Nurses Station is for staff only, but I am only the Ward Clerk.
    If the staff would back me up, there would not be any family/residents or anyone one else in the station who didn't belong there.
    WE have phones in the halls and a payphone in the building and I do tell people they are welcome to use those phones, now if only the nurses would encouarge it also. Have on "wife" of a resident who carries her cordless phone but does not use it (we make it so easy for her to be in the station).
    Oh well what the heck, guess we'll have to have a problem before we fix it.
  2. by   KaraLea
    We once had a patient who's son would wander around the halls and walk into other patient's rooms (scared one young mother silly, she was there with 4day old hyperbilireubin baby) We once had a patient who was having a reaction to Phenergan (extremely confused, trying to get out of bed seeing bugs all over the floor) The next thing we know, this other patient's son is telling everyone we were abusing the confused patient, tying her down (we did end up restraining this woman to keep her from pulling out her IV and foley) and yelling at her. This had been in an isolation room and she was trying to come out into the hallway (MRSA of sputum), this man had to have come partway into the room to see us through the second doorway. After that, the DON told him that if he ever came back to visit his mother, he was to stay in her room or waiting room.
  3. by   finallyRN
    I agree with the others the visitors in OB can be terrible. The other night I had a great couple whose first coments to me were that only the husband was to be in the room when it was time to push and have the baby. So we kicked everyone out. Everytime the door open to the room the family (all 15 of them) tried to come in or asked if the baby was here yet or how much longer. We could actually here them cracking the door open every once in a while to get a peek. Finally after the baby came and we cleaned everything up we let the family in. Mind you mom had yet to really hold the infant (he was still in the warmer)
    They all asked can we hold him yet? I told them, "once he is warm enough Mom can hold him then it is up to her" I kicked them out for the night 20 minutes later.
  4. by   Huganurse
    To finally RN: Good for you!!!! I wish you'd been my nurse when I had my son. I applaud all those L/D nurses who put Mom first, and make sure that Mom is calling the shots when it comes to visitors.
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  5. by   Fgr8Out
    I tell my patients, their family and friends that I am an advocate for the PATIENT. If I'm able, I talk privately with the patient and let them know that they do not HAVE to entertain visitors while they are recovering in the hospital... and that all they have to do is give me a sign and I will see that everyone leaves. I make no excuses to anyone. Frequently I will cite that the patient needs to rest at this time... or that the patient in the next bed needs to. When I get a fresh post-op, I let all the visitors hovering, waiting for the patients arrival that I must first get the patient settled into their bed and room... and perform my assessment. Not until then, do I allow anyone in the room.

    Young people in late night hours?? Disturbing patients and staff alike? LOL I call Security... they handle the entire issue just fine. :roll

    Folks who bring babies are in for a real treat with me. The first time I see an adult setting a small child on the floor I rush right up to them and say "you might want to pick up your child, as just earlier today we had a patient in transport vomit on that exact spot." I also make mention of all the germs some of our patients have... and how ill-advised it is to allow small children free reign in a hospital. Trust me, they leave in a hurry and don't bring the children back. :chuckle

    Yes, there are people without any common sense... and yes, it galls me that many of our hospitals no longer have visiting hours, which attracts those without common sense even more. But I figure my role as nurse isn't limited and that I can have a say in issues which affect the recovery/comfort of my patients. And I'm not afraid to voice them.
  6. by   KaraLea
    I had one man bring a 18mo old baby to the hospital to visit with his wife and the child's new baby brother, this was fine as it was during visiting hours, but then he wanted to take the child into see "Grandma" who was on the medical ward, in isolation, with possible TB. NO WAY!!!! He kept saying well she was around the child before admission. I DON'T CARE!!!! That child is not going into that isolation room. Not to mention this is the same family that can see the nurses putting on full protection before going into the room for only one or two minutes, but they will sit in that room all day without even a mask.
  7. by   KaraLea
    Well when I found the parents of that child who was playing with the code blue buttons I told them that when that button is pushed, people run from all over the hospital to help with the code and did they want to pay the wages for all those people for the amount of time it took them to get to the "Fake" code and then back to their regular units. And what about if their regular units had a "real" emergancy while we were all rushing to find a unaccompanied child playing with buttons. Not to mention the fact that this 3yr old had to stand up on a chair on his tip toes to reach the button in the first place. Who would the parents blame if that child had fallen and hit his head or broken his neck???? The Babysitter Nurses????
  8. by   pkmom
    Originally posted by canoehead
    How about the woman who delivers at 6am having been up all night and a 10am is expected to smile and entertain the whole clan until evening visiting hours are over. People just don't think.
    Yes!!! My inalws were so angry with my after the delivery of my son, but they can't tell me a single thing that I did. My MIL was expecting me to wait on everyone and be so smily and cheerful when I was tired, sore and recovering from a c-section.

    my MIL came in to my room 10 minutes after the c-section wanting to take my picture! I told her I wanted to be alone and did not want my picture taken. She came in after another ten minutes and informed me that she had been thinking about it, and thought that I would really regret not having my picture taken on the day my son was born. Now if I could have gotten out of that bed.....

    my FIL walked into my Postpartum room without knocking while I was nursing my son and was naturally uncomfortable. So my MIL asked me to cover up. How about teaching your husband some fricking manners!

    Sorry guys, two years and it still gets to me.
  9. by   live4today
    Hmmmmm...guess now I will have to add "Does your hospital have restricted visiting hours" to the list of questions I often ask when interviewing for a nursing job. :chuckle
  10. by   KaraLea
    I like the ones who say "The doctor said we can have as many in the room as we want and we can stay as long as we want" My answer is always the same..."Then the doctor needs to write that as an order, until we have the written doctor's order the facility's routine policy stands"
  11. by   thisnurse
    i was in a car accident and hospitalized for two months traction with a broken femur, my arm was also broken and my face was all torn up. and i was pregnant.
    i HATED visitors other than my immediate family. i was not up to entertaining. i swear people came out of the woodwork to see me. relatives i hadnt seen in 15 years or more. people would come in and just stand at bedside and stare at me. they couldnt think of anything to say and that left me feeling like i had to maintain a conversation. sometimes i just pretended to fall asleep. they still wouldnt leave.
    so often i felt like i was on display. other peoples visitors would be walking down the hall, see the traction bars and feel obligated to come in and ask me what happened .
    some ppl wanted to take my picture.
    my roomies visitors would stare at me and talk about me as tho i wasnt there or the curtain was soundproof.
    the whole visitor thing became a nightmare. i had been to the OR a few times and HATED coming up from recovery to visitors.
    one night there was about 6 ppl in my room, one was extremely drunk. i didnt even consider some of them friends. in fact two of them i didnt even like. i became so upset with the insanity of the whole situation, my mother threw everyone out.
    NOT ONCE DID ANY OF MY NURSES CLEAR THE ROOM. and i wished they had.
    im so sensitive to this issue now that im a nurse. i have no problem limiting visitors to sorry you guys will have to take turns visiting while the rest of you wait in the lounge.
    im sorry ...your mom needs some rest..could you come back later?
    look...we have a problem here...your moms roomie is very ill, there are too many of you and its too noisy. we are either going to have to limit her visitors or you will have to arrange for your mom to have a private room.
    and i have no problem telling them to leave either.
    its usually the patients call but sometimes they dont even have to say anything, the look on their faces is enough to say they want to be alone. why cant the stupid family see that?
  12. by   MHN
    The psych unit where i work has visiting hrs 4pm- 8pm with some leeway,the med surg unit i worked in had visiting from 10am-8pm except 1pm - 3pm and that was nap time.
    In the maternity unit visits by dads & partners (significant others) in am .visiting hrs in pm 3pm - 5pm and then 7pm -8pm.

    when I was doing midwifery training had male visitor abuse us because we had lost his 3yr old son .The boy was found in the lower basement when the orderlies were transferring deceased patient to the morgue.
  13. by   canoehead
    YOU had lost his son??? I don't think so.

    Huganurse- I am furious (and I wasn't even there) about you not being the very first one to hold your baby. And to think you had to get up and go find him yourself. I don't blame you for being angry at the nurses, and the family, and jeez, what was your husband thinking? But the baby should have been given to you right off, or to your husband to carry over to you. Arghhh.