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I know visitors have been a hot topic here, but I have a question about how your facilities handle security problems when it comes to visitors. Here's my problem. I work in a trauma center. ... Read More

  1. by   RyanRN
    Since when do people think they have a right to take out their anger and/or grief on the very people who are doing all they can to help!??! Makes my blood boil!

    And since apparently many administrations have little or no regard or planning for out of control situations I think it's high time WE take it into our OWN hands. If we feel we aren't being protected WE have to do something about our own safety. Don't hesitate to call 911 - then be sure and act indignant and highly insulted when the administrators don't hand out kudos to us! Demand a recommendation for your correct actions during a crisis!

    It's up to NURSES to take care of NURSES. We can do this you know!