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I know a lot of healthcare employees are worried or concerned they may be on the ladder from a verbal warning to written warnings and then fired. For many, this is not an unrealistic fear it is... Read More

  1. by   Blutropic RN
    To Cosmicsun,

    I think you hit it on the ball as other nurses have told me I make too much money, even more than a few of the supervisors. Yes, FNA has lawyers. I even went to a lawyer on my own. I have worked 7, 9 and 11 day stretches with two of the 11 days being doubles. They don't pay overtime, so when working more than 40 hours, they have it figured so that the pay week ends in the middle of the stretches. I just came back to work from having knee surgery and because I can't yet step up on the ambulance, I am working in the homes for 3 weeks. They don't like this cause a few times a supervisor had to work the clinic, it's like a small ER, but most things are sent out by EMS. I checked on the web about on the job training thru Davita dialysis, but they seem to always want someone trained in ICU/CCU. I did take an internship in Legal Nurse Consulting which I am good at audits. It's a hard field to break into. Just like which way to go? Since I love animals, I even checked into Vet Tech, no money in it.
  2. by   nursemarion
    Wrongful discharge is a joke. The burden of proof is on you and it has to support that you were discharged for something dicriminatory such as age, disability or race, or something that you did such as whistleblowing. At-will employment laws pretty much cover everything else. If you had outstanding evals every year then new manager Cruella comes in and discharges you, maybe you could appeal to the court, but chances are slim that they would buy it. This is one thing that is truly wrong in our country, there is no loyalty to employees, no security or protection at all. We might as well be migrant nurse workers. It is no wonder the younger generation values work so little. All I can say is watch out employers, this way of treating people is going to come back to bite you in the back one way or another. Remember the steel unions? Why do you think they came to be? Because of employee abuse.

    I would love nurses to finally get together and use their strength to develop a strong union like teachers have. There is no reason why we should live in fear the way we do. We work hard caring for others, sacrificing so much for the job. All we want is a little respect and security. We want to know that we will be treated fairly by our employer, and not fired for nonsense reasons any time the latest greatest manager comes around and decides not to like us. I never saw nurses as needing unions, but the older I get and the more I have seen, the more I see that we need a union that has our interests at heart.

    Ooh I feel like Norma Rae!
  3. by   lamazeteacher
    Quote from cosmicsun
    What you are experiencing and how you were treated is horrible, but the norm. There aren't any jobs anyhow. You and everyone else without any "black" marks on their record cannot find jobs. Quickly, switch careers. I know it is sad and a huge loss, but it is what it is. They flooded the market. That's why they can swat you away without blinking. There are way too many nurses out there. Run and don't look back. The surplus of nurses will make the environment for those who do have jobs defeating in many ways. You will be happier in the long run even though you don't know it now.
    I've been a patient in 2 hospitals in the pasgt few years, one on each coast. Let me tell you that according to the nurses I had (on all shifts), there is no surplus of nurses. All of them are running their feet off, and ratios that may be in effect are not observed. One of the units I was on, was telemetry. and my leads weren't checked once in the 2 days I was there. They were half off, when I was taken to a regular unit where I was discharged. When I got my records from each admission, no record of the telemetry was there. It was v ery difficult (despite laws allowing it) to get my records for my doctors on the other coast!
  4. by   lamazeteacher
    Quote from keepingitrealeeyore
    what have i been doing for a year, its call job hunting!!!!!!!! job hunting in itself is a full time job. that's true, and it takes place in the day time. you can work at least 4 hours on an evening shift at a restaurant; and when you haven't an interview scheduled, a night shift at a hospital as "on call"

    i don't tell people flat out i was fired. what am i and idiot? i 'm not sliding into any "people are out to get me" notion as you stated. the economy is bad right. healthcare is not a recession proof industry. it's more recession proof than most, as people still get sick....... you wrote that you felt that others had it in for you.......

    it is not my fault that health facilities are so financially strapped that they can't afford to hire new grads or inexperienced nurses. nurses are now starting out who haven't even been fired are having trouble finding jobs.

    there is no surplus of nurses, just greed on the part of administrators/ vice presidents, etc.

    it seems so easy to make suggestions when you are not going through it. i've gone through it 8 times, for age discrimination, in the past 15 years! i still haven't seen a clear answer on how to answer the question "why did you leave your previous employer?"

    i've used "married and now living elsewhere", "divorce made a move necessary", cost of living was too high in the community; and that made it impossible to live there, or commute cost effectively" . anything but: supervisor was a bully, expected too much of me, or bad fit (even though those are usually the reasons).

    as with any profession at times it's not what you know but who you know.
    please don't "kill the messenger". it's ok to be angry; and there are ways to manage that, other than hitting back at those who want to help you.
  5. by   TWU_Nurse2B
    I am unsure where this applies to BUT, I live in Dallas, Tx and we have GroupOne reporting agency that is a record of all your employers, dates, and reason for separation. I was recently terminated and verified my termination with GroupOne report a week after losing my job. This is GOOD reason to be honest, applications require you to sign an agreement stating that the information is accurate to our knowledge if at any point they discover the information to incorrect/not accurate you will be terminated. I had a bad experience I will share.
    I am a new grad with less than 1 yr experience in the OR. I believe that I was wrongfully terminated. I had the warning signs n ignored them because I thought I could prove everyone wrong. I had verbal & written warnings that were not correlated and at the end of my year my termination. I was warned/informed by staff to quit or transfer because "I didnt fit in" I was told after the verbal warning that this was a warning to be taken seriously n was highly recommended to transfer immediatly to prevent futher "trouble"
    I stayed n the rest is history... I had got in trouble for saying things inappropiately but didnt really get y, so I blew it off. Other people in my department said things way worse and frequently, I even got introuble for agreeing with a comment someone else made, BUT they were never reprimanded, I knew then I should of left, but being stubborn, I stayed because I wanted to obtain at least a year of experience n ended up a week short.

    My question to everyone is, how do you move forward? I can't lie about the termination cuz it's officially on GroupOne Report. What do I tell perspective employers? I can't say it was a comment blown out porpotion n they were after me!! I lay awake all nite thinking of my nursing future...

    I am already in Nursing school for my Master's as a Nurse Pratitioner n never thought once that my RN experience would become limited by termination...
    Any advice is openly accepted
  6. by   TWU_Nurse2B
    Thank you for your well laid out post. I have been recently terminated and my GroupOne Report reflects "terminated d/t unsatisfactory job performance" how do I move on? I just graduated & only have 1 year experience as an OR nurse which is super specialized. This was my first & only nursing job, what do I do now? Can I collect unemployment?? I had the warning signs you mentioned, I was recommended to quit or transfer on a couple of occasions n told I "did't fit in" prior to & after my write up. What happens when the people in charge take a dislike to you? They dont want you there and they make it known, they are like vultures waiting for opportunities to terminate you...I had been written up when I first started but made the decision to stick it out. I made drastic changes n become very aware of what&how I communicated. I got compliments from all members of staff n congratulated for sticking in there, then an incident happened. I admit it could have been prevented but do not believe it was cause for termination because it was irrelevant to my previous write-up and any other nurse would have got a slap on the wrist or just sat down to discuss the incident. I feel I was discrimminated against. There were many conversations that were red flags I should of kept track of, I should have contacted HR employee realtions, but I was to scared it would backfire. Now I'm jobless at a very bad time. Just bought a new house and already started my Nurse Practitioner Degree.
    What do I do now? How do I move forward? Can I get unemployment? Please help, any advise is openly accepted n welcomed.
  7. by   TWU_Nurse2B
    Wish I would have done this, I was stubborn n stayed trying to prove my worth, now I am jobless n have it on my GroupOne report as "unsatisfactory job performance" What do I do now? It was my first n only nursing job. What do I do now? How can I move forward? Can I get unemployment?? Any advice is openly welcomed...
  8. by   TWU_Nurse2B
    Quote from lamazeteacher

    Your previous employer cannot give any information about you, other than the dates when you started, and when you left their employ. Termination should not be mentioned, so why mention it to a new employer?

    You might want to spend the time between jobs completing your BSN.......
    Not totally Dallas, TX (not sure if everywhere) there is GroupOne Report that shows previous employers, dates of employment, and reason for separtion. I know I was recently terminated & reviewed it, it shows EVEYTHING.
  9. by   TWU_Nurse2B
    OMG! I am really terrified now..I just lost my job. It was my first job as a nurse n just completed right under a year. My GroupOne report (I am from Dallas, TX) states termination d/t unsatisfactory job experience. What will I do now? Were u able to get unemployment?
  10. by   TWU_Nurse2B
    No apolgy needed for ur "thesis" it was informative. What's PIC? I was terminated from my first n only nursing job just under a year, I can't fib about it cuz it's on my GroupOne Report, I'm in Dallas, TX, it shows all my employers, dates of employment, & reasons for separation. My big question to u, how did you get unemployment? I haven't tried cuz I don't think I will get it d/t the circumstances. That would help me extremly a lot rite now!! Have you obtained a new job yet? What did you tell potential employers???
  11. by   madwife2002
    I have moved state recently and since arriving have picked up every bug know to mankind I feel sure in the near future my employers will have no choice but to 'fire' me. I will definatly be honest if asked why as I know myself and it will come back and bite me!
  12. by   nursemarion
    You cannot lie to prospective employers. They will find you out and that alone is cause for termination. In PA at least you can collect unemployment if they decide after investigating that you were not guilty of deliberate misconduct. They ask you detailed questions such as how much orientation did you have, etc. If you stole or were chronically late or something that is clearly against the rules, you cannot get unemployment. If they fire you for weak reasons such as a poor job eval you may be eligible. Go to the unemployment office and apply. The most they can say is no.

    You can plan for how to answer questions that come up about your previous position. You are entitled to state your opinion of what happened. For example, "I was unhappy from the beginning. I did not like the job but I thought it would get better. They were not satisfied with my performance, perhaps they could tell that I was unhappy, and they let me go". Or "I was not clinically experienced enough to be successful in such a position. I thought I was ready to be a charge nurse in a fast-paced ICU, but I was overwhelmed. They did not have time to support me as I learned the ropes and I was let go".

    More and more people are being fired these days. And the higher up you move, the more likely that you will be fired. Sometimes we keep making the same mistakes over and over. You have to come to grips with the fact that you have made mistakes also. You have to learn from it. It is very painful to admit our mistakes, but we are all human. I believe that there is a right place for everyone. No job is ever perfect, but you have to find what imperfections you can live with.

    I don't think employers really care about people anymore. Being fired gives you sort of a PTSD. You can never trust again. But you can learn from it if you let yourself.
  13. by   sissykim
    I knwo we have power. we are not useing our strength. we could turn all of this harrasment around with a nurse union. an international nurses union. we have no one fight for us.