Variety of jobs with a MSN?

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    I am currently a first year RN student in an ADN program. I am looking into other schools for after graduation so I can advance my knowledge in nursing. I am planning on enrolling in a 2+2 ADN to BSN program.

    I have been told that I need to keep in mind of going through an MSN program after completion of a BSN. The thing I am worried about is only finding jobs in management type positions. I have been placed in managerial positions before, and love nothing more than being a pee-on. I know that an MSN would open more doors to me later on, but is it really worth it? And, if so, what other types of positions would I be able to go into (CNM, CRNA, NP, CLNC, etc)? <---Are these it?

    I know I want to at least get a BSN, but have been on the border of getting an MSN. With an MSN, does that eliminate me from bedside nursing? Could I be too qualified for some positions? What are the benefits of having an MSN v BSN? Many of the RN's at my hospital are now going back to get further education while in their 40's and 50's (because they thought at one time that having a diploma or ADN would be all the education that they would ever need), and I don't want that to be me when I "grow up."

    Much help is needed!

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  3. by   MrChicagoRN
    There are plenty of clinically focused MSN degrees.

    GO for a Clin Spec, Nurse Practioner if you want to remain totally clinical
  4. by   NurseNature
    What exactly do NP's do w/o managing? I am interested in this as well, and do you have to pick a specialty or can it just be general nursing?
  5. by   ghaleon128
    I'm curious about this also if anyone has some answers :spin: