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  1. NurseNature

    Starting to actually like nursing!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am already getting anxious about my shift this PM and I needed that little boost of confidence. This job is so hard on the body and mind and slumps are not fun. You just helped me begin getting out of this little slump I am in.
  2. NurseNature

    Starting IV's in Med Surg?

    Plus, a lot of the time the ER or EMT's put their IV's in the AC or wrist so they are not in good spots for inpatients. The machines will beep at you nonstop until you change sites or splint the extremity.
  3. NurseNature

    'Fart gas' link to blood pressure

    If this were true, all nurses should be hypotensive. Period. Nuff said.
  4. NurseNature

    Pagopica and anemia

    I just learned that word, pagopica, which describes the craving for chewing ice. I have recently, within the last three months or so, become a pagopicic.?. I love word play. Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone has heard of this or had experiences with chewing ice as a symptom of anemia. I was told by a coworker that I should have my iron levels checked out so I looked it up online, and, sure enough, chewing ice is a symptom of iron deficiency anemia. Who knew.
  5. NurseNature

    'Fart gas' link to blood pressure

    A new song could come from this, to the tune of Aerosmith's "walk this way"... "WAFT this way!"
  6. NurseNature

    Need serious help dealing w/manipulative patients

    They usually start to fall asleep about the time I am giving report to the day nurse. And, on my floor, the pt's are usually sick enough that there is not much change from day to night shift and sleep patterns are not patterns at all. I really want to learn from this situation. I guess I should probably pull that dusty mental health book off the shelf for a quick review.
  7. NurseNature

    Need serious help dealing w/manipulative patients

    Thanks for the tips. It is a hospital setting. MD's are all fed up with the situation as well, and since I work nights, it's usually a resident that I am calling every hour for some issue with this pt and they don't even want to bother with it anymore. Pt has been at several different hopitals, continually for a few months, and is a young ADULT with possiblities of older family member keeping this pt sick- get my drift? I hate to even use the term Munch.... well, you know, but it is very hard not to at least consider it in this crazy case. I suppose my main question, before I go in for next shift, is this - is it what the pt says, or the DPOA says when it comes to refusing meds/treatment? The pt seems capable to me, but not according to dpoa who claims this is absolutely not the pt's right frame of mind since they are on narcs. I did call for a patient advocate to come and speak with the duo, now I just need to find a nurse advocate for me.
  8. NurseNature

    Need serious help dealing w/manipulative patients

    Pt agreed to have DPOA make all decisions no matter what, verbally, to me. But, then, they argue about decisions, every single decision, including such small things as stool softener refusal, and if I follow the pt's wishes the family member gets raging mad at me and the pt. then gets mad and says I should only do what the family says and that's the way it is because he/she is not in her right mind b/c the pt is taking opiods. Please. One or the other is always really mad at me or kissing up to me, sometimes at the same time, sometimes not. They are all over the place and it is way overwhelming for me, but I do not want to request not to have them anymore as I would like to be able to learn something from this as I'm sure I will have many more manipulative people to deal with in the future. (that was one heck of a run-on sentence- I just couldn't stop =) This just may happen to be the most extreme. Hopefully. :)
  9. I don't feel like going into detail about the patient and family member right now, but I know I need some helpful advice on how in the world to handle these two insanely manipulative people. This pt is very sick and whilst he/she and the family member are seriously impeding his/her chances of getting better, which shoud easily be happening, instead, they are speeding down the road of self-inflicted complication after complication. I was excited at the chance to educate. They will not let me say two words, literally, before ranting and raving about nonsensical theories and constant attempts at manipulating me- the nonconfrontational can't we all just get along- brand new nurse. There are definitely some very abnormal mental health issues going on between the two, but I want to keep this as short as possible. Yes, the word "sue" has come up several times so documenting is obviously important. I really need advice on how to care for this pt w/o letting this pair of lunatics drive me to tears every night and seriously impede my ability to care for my other patients. I was at work for three extra hours catching up and my pt load was normal, except for this unbelievably abnormal duo.
  10. NurseNature

    "NEVER Events"

    Christopher Reeves died of a pressure ulcer and he had the best care money could buy. So... if we fall at work, as nurses, or get hurt in any way for that matter, our insurance shouldn't pay for it because it was most likely preventable. Same with every single injury or illness out there folks!!! Duh... every event is caused by something so why not just stop paying alltogether???
  11. NurseNature

    "NEVER Events"

    Yeah... I just don't understand how they can categorize some of these complications as "never ever should happen if proper care is administered" type of events. Falls, whatever, not possible. Infections??? Come on now, really? Are you going to tell me the patient that refused his/her bath all week and then scratches his/her butt and then picks at their scabs shouldn't be expected to get a raging infection no matter how many times I clean my hands and tell him/her the risks/benefits of them not adhering to the plan of care... and proper hygiene??? I have yet to see any newspapers, or even nursing mags for that matter, yet defend the health care workers on this issue. It is not all to improve care, but rather it seems, to save the government and insurance companies more money. Whatever.
  12. NurseNature

    What is the diff. btwn DKA and HHNS??

    I've come up with two questions while reading the posts. One, does the hyperosmolarity of the blood put these patients at an increased risk for CVA's? It seems as though it would. And, two, Why would insulin ever work for type two diabetics if it is a problem of cell acceptance of insulin? Oh, and a third question... this is probably a dumb question, but is there a blood test or something that tests for circulating insulin?
  13. NurseNature

    Dealing w/rude feedback

    You sound just like me! Exactly. I end up second guessing myself just like you did and then I get upset for not speaking up for myself and then I go back and forth and back and forth. I am just out of orientation and this has actually been one of the biggest issues for me. I guess I just expected that everyone would be professional and looking out for the patient's best interest at all times and that everyone could just be civil with one another and share knowledge freely and politely when the opportunity arises. No Doctor, I realize I am not an M.D., and no, I do not want to be one, and no I am not trying to second guess you, necessarily. Many times I just do not know why you are doing what you are doing and it would be helpful for me to know. I have been just finding a random Dr. in the hall or calling a resident to ask a question, or even pharmacy, in order to seek the knowledge I am trying to obtain if no other nurses know and the Dr. is a butthead. Then at least I am a little bit armed when I call him or speak with him.
  14. Other than O.R. nursing, what areas would offer the best experience for an aspiring volunteer nurse?
  15. NurseNature

    Need Advice About Hca Hospitals In Florida

    Not in FL, but HCA is many places, and they are no good from what I"ve heard and seen. They are for profit. I know where I live the majority of the hospitals are HCA; but nobody wants to work for them, or get care from them, unless they have no other choices. They do pay better than others; however, you will likely have the workload of at least two nurses.