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    Im a final year student here in the UK doing paediatrics. I am seriously thinking about coming to work in USA. Has anyone any helpful tips for a anewly qualified nurse. What is your pay, conditions etc... Should i gain some experience from here in UK first? All help and advice appreciated


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  3. by   P_RN

    The US has a Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools. Since you speak "English" you wouldn't need to take the Test for English as Foreign Language.

    We don't have specific specialties for our primary degree so all new US nurses are General Nurses? Is that what they're called in the UK? You may have to take some adult nursing courses, I don't know.

    New Graduate RN pay here is generally in the $15.00 an hour...more in the big cities less in rural areas. I guess that would be like 9-10 pounds.

    Conditions are probably not much different than where you are: Not enough nurses, too much paperwork etc. I think you'd do well to get at least some experience before taking such a large step as moving to another country to live and work. Good luck.

  4. by   jevans
    UK nurse

    as a UK nurse with years experience I would suggest that you get experience first. You need to consolidate what you learned as a student. You may find that it is very different as a qualified than student.
    Good luck
  5. by   uk_nurse
    thank you to you both. I know i should get experience first but my husband and boys want to live in USA. So i may have to 'dive in at the deep end' as though to speak. I will still look into all my options. I will have had some experience in hospitals here, but not that much as a qualified nurse.

  6. by   NurseDennie
    The RN's in the UK used to have to take classes on maternal-child and psych nursing, as those were separate specialties in th olden days.

    If they still are, then you'll have to look into that.

    But wow, UK-nurse you need to be with your family!!! At first I was thinking that your hubby and sons already were living in the USA. So that makes it a little bit different. But still....

    My family came here to the US from England - my father's family were from "fashionable" Mayfair in London, and my mother's family were from further north; my bestest friend is from quite near you - Shropshire. I'm blanking on the town right now, but I'm thinking Ludlow???

    Anyway, when friends and family come here for a visit or perhaps to move, I always make sure they understand that the US is an uncomfortably LARGE country.

    But in any case, you'd love it here. What's important is that your family are all together and happy, isn't it?


  7. by   Whisper
    Hi UK_nurse,

    If you are qualifying as a Peadiatric nurse rather than a RGN, you may have to complete an adult qualification, because the US do that very differently, they don't split in to branches (as far as I can gather) till after qualification, plus most American Nurses qualify able to do tasks, that UK grduates require post Graduate training for. (such as nursing diagnosis, IV canulation, and I think much much more)

    All the agencies that will help you sort out sitting the USA exams, and Green card etc require at least one years experience in the UK, prefferable in an acute setting, I don't have the web addresses in front of me but if you check out the job sections of Nursing Times, many of the international relocation agencies have web page addresses that you can look at.

    If you really do decide to work abroad, your qualification may be recognised in all of the European Union, (I know this is the case for the M.A.D course, but are you completing Project 2000?) And many places where there is a large British forces base have English speaking hospitals and schools, such as Germany and France, which is a little bit closer to home than the USA.

    I hope this helps some and hope you manage to find all the information you require to make the best choice for you.

    Whisper, (Fellow UK student Nurse)
  8. by   grazie`parknh
    Check out this web site.
    This web site can provide you with the information needed to practice in NY. After fulfilling there requirements then contact hospitals in NY or NJ that you would like to work for. Some Hospitals in NJ will help you relocate.