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This topic came up last night in our seminar. Again, we struggle and struggle with this concept. I often times look at Medicare and how they handle things such as coverage, reimbursment, etc. As... Read More

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    I didn't read through every post, so excuse me if this was already brought up.

    One of the problems with ED visits is EMTALA. Under EMTALA, if someone presents to the ED, they MUST have a medical screening. Initially, this was to prevent "dumping" pts. w/ no coverage to county facilities, but it seems to have gotten out of control. When you have a teenager coming by ambulance to the ED for menstrual cramps...well, I'm liberal, but even that makes my eyes cross...
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    Ahem. Stargazer. Was that a hint? Tee Hee.

    I'll go catch up on that thread.
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