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I went to my new unit today to get my new schedule, to say hello to the manager. I got an awesome schedule, which met all of my "expectations" (not really demands, but I did put in a request on how... Read More

  1. by   Tweety
    Originally posted by Sandra m. Took
    Pardon my ignorance but what is a telementry test
    Thanks everyone!

    Sandra, I had to identify the rhythms and treatment of 20 electrocardiogram strips. I've taken a two continuing ed courses over the years, but I even impressed myself that I could remember, and pass this test. Does that make sense, I don't want to insult you by being too simple or two much over your head, so if I'm still lot clear, please ask.

    She does want me to learn a bit more about pace makers.

    The unit I'm going to is a Telemetry floor (continuous cardiac monitoring (ECG)). We are connected to Progressive Cardiac Care (PCU) and may get their overflow patients, with the same manager, so cardiac is a big thing with the unit I'm moving to. (I'm switching from neuro to medical-telemetry).

    It's a bit stimulating to be learning new things, which I usually try to do ongoing, but have gotten lazy lately.
  2. by   J-RN student
    Congrats & Good Luck!
  3. by   zudy
    Congrats 3rdshiftguy! Glad to hear you are moving on, this place sounds so much better for you. Hope everything goes well!
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  5. by   hapeewendy
    okay friend
    so the grass may not be greener
    but what if the garden knomes are cuter?
    and what if there are some nice flowers and a cute picket fence around this lawn!??!

    I'm happy for you, you need this, although I know that you are the type of person who could survive in any area - meaning that you're strong and a fantastic nurse, maybe in this area you can not only survive , but flourish!!!!!!!!
    good luck with everything , WOOT!
  6. by   PennyLane
    Sounds nice! Congrats on the change of scenery. I think there are some nice trees in your new yard. And is that a bird house?