typical wage for lpn?

  1. My sister is wanting to do the lpn program. I want her to do the rn program with me but she insists on the lpn. She says the wage is enough for her and her 9 year old son to live on. Does anyone know the range of lpn. I want to make sure shes ok.
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  3. by   fultzymom
    Not sure where you live but I am in Southern Ohio et at my nursing home a LPN starts out at about $15-$16 per hour full time. If you are contingent then you make $2 more on the hour. A RN starts out here at $21 per hour right out of school.
  4. by   lizzyberry
    Thanks,I live like 15 min. from Chicago,IL
  5. by   fultzymom
    I just talked with my DON et she is helping out at our sister facility in Cincinnati et they start out their LPN's at $19 per hour. So I would say that Chicago would be more like that pay due to the fact that it is a bigger city like Cincinnati is. But I am not for sure.
  6. by   RNsRWe
    Beyond what the wage is right now, she might consider her marketability for other positions. You will find yourself in demand as an RN all the time, and have your choice of where you'd like to work. She will be limited in her selections, that's just how it is. The need for LPNs in nursing homes isn't likely to diminish at all; if she wants NH work forever, she'll be just fine with the LPN. But if she's looking only at the dollar income today, she's short-sighting herself (and potentially her son).

    I don't want to start a debate with others about all the places LPNs have found work; I'm speaking generally.

    Ultimately the choice is hers, and you shouldn't sweat over it. Do your own schoolwork, she'll do hers and you'll both get jos and compare notes. If you're very lucky, you'll both be happy whatever choice is made
  7. by   doingourbest
    The tyical starting wage in the kansas city area (Kansas) is $17-$18 dollars an hour for females. Males get $20+. In KCMO, they are offering $1000+ dollar sign on bonuses for LPNs. This is nursing homes I'm speaking of. In this area you can't make anything close to that in a doctor's office or hospital as an LPN. As an LPN you will do a lot harder work with fewer opportunities, and be less appreciatted. Plus, there is not as much room for advancement. If you have the financial ability(and the daycare) to do the RN program rather than the LPN program, you should do it.
  8. by   CTstudent
    I think it's $25 hr where I am. Plus she can always go back to school if she wants to move up and make more.
  9. by   Little Tree
    It certainly makes a difference where you live to determine what she will make. She will also be limited in where she will get a job as an LPN. There are many opportunities for LPNs in the nursing home settings, not so much in the Hospital setting. I would be curious as to why she is chosing LPN over RN. LPNs are so limited in their scope of practice. RNs have so many opportunities and specialties, and a much bigger horizon. In SW FL LPNs make $11-16/hr. RNs $25-$30 ++. I would hope money is not the reason she is going into nursing. Good luck to both of you. Little Tree
    Bradenton, FL
  10. by   Draken
    I live in a small town 13k people next bigger city is chico california

    Lvn = Lpn Lvn's are starting at 22 an hour with a 2k sign on bonus at the LTC facility just around the corner from me

    New grad RN
    hospital in town 29.50
    next town over 32.60 (15 minutes)
    sacramento 38 an hour drive south
  11. by   TheCommuter
    LPN pay rates depend on your geographical region. If you live in rural Arkansas, you could earn as little as $9-$10 hourly. If you live in San Francisco, you could earn as much as $26-$27 hourly.
  12. by   RNsRWe
    Quote from nightnurse1107
    The tyical starting wage in the kansas city area (Kansas) is $17-$18 dollars an hour for females. Males get $20+.
    How is this legal? Women are officially paid less for the same job??
  13. by   chase4myheart
    I live in Virginia in a very small town. I will be graduating in May from the LPN program. I called the nursing home that's about 5 minutes from where I live, and I was told that they start LPN's out at $11.00/hr. Thankfully, I live close to the state line, so I will be looking in NC for work. Most of the places that I've called in NC start new grads out between $12-14/hr. I made more working in a factory than Virginia is willing to pay their nurses. Nurses hold people lives in their hands everyday, and I think the pay should reflect that. Some states need to wake up and smell the coffee. These will be the states that suffer the most from the nursing shortage. New grads have been struggling financially while in school, so they're going to go where the money is.
  14. by   newnana
    What part of SE Ohio do you live in? I live in Meigs County and I was wondering where you work?