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  1. Draken

    How Do I Challenge the LVN Board???

    Excelsior is accepted in california by endorsement but it is a case by case basis.... you need 1000 worked hours in med/surg to be considered. Per phone call to california BoN.
  2. Draken

    Verbal abuse from a Nursing Aide

    Perhaps it isnt anything you did but the rules and or something another nurse has done to the NA I am not an CNA i am a RN student but have been in the medical field for about 8 years as a medic in the army out patient care clinic care emt-b emt-I currently work in a day program for the mentally disabled that also cares for elderly patients. Most of the people who work where i work are ex CNA's who will never go back into that field. to the point My wife works LTC at the moment as a CNA she has been a cna for 6 years is going the the RN program as i graduate this year. she currently works in the best facility she has ever seen and she worked registry for 3 years covering most of the facilities in this county and has worked in 2 states being this is the Best facility she has ever worked in here is why she is quitting Half of the nurses imho should be looked at and the management need to be removed, in the last week... one patient had a wound to his R hip apon exam so she goes to get gloves (there are never any) so she goes to get some from the med cart... the nurse proceeded to tell her she cannot get gloves from the cart but nurses are the only ones who can and are supposed to stock the golves but will not get her any to restock ... so the verbal abuse begins from the CNA my wife and she took the gloves anyway(but in reality it was an argument about the lack of care and support she gets from this nurse) she tells the nurse about the wound and suggests she come look at it while she has the gentleman up... she cannot document this without the nurse (per facility rules) the nurse proceeded to go and do a physical exam on a new intake and finally gets there 45 min ish after the man has been waiting on the toilet even though she was right there 5 foot from the patients door when informed. she tells my wife to apply cream BUT it is against the policy of the facility and her CNA to do this another argument insues. 3 days ago the DON told a LVN to write orders for meds (in front of my wife I love this lvn he rocks) he said I can't im not a doc, she proceded to tell well IM the DON you do what i say he said your not a doc LOL she was angry and wrote the orders her self. he is looking for another job he is pretty sure he will get fired for this. this guy is the best LVN the facility has but has been there 2 months. I have seen patients with dilocated arms that needed to go the hospital And she told the nurses daily But cannot document... this patient was taken to the hospital after her arm turned a funny color about a week later and guess what it was dislocated. Off the subject but to the point we had a gentleman sent to my day program with a deformed broken arm from a different facility... i immidiately called our director and took him to the hospital he received pins and plates due to the extent of the injury and was hospitalized 2 weeks (this is what i see from LTC god help me if i ever have to go to one) My wife is told specifically to NOT take BP on specific patients BEFORE the blood pressure medication is given by certain nurses... because they are late giving it. this facility had a RN take "all" the pain meds the patients were supposed to be receiving for a week before she tried to kill her self. the management knew there was a problem for along time (some meds were missing alot but the nurse said they got there meds) but never followed up or did anything about it. in my opinion when all the residents say i didnt get my meds perhaps the management should listen. CNA's are not allowed to document ANYthing without a Nurses signature and if they do they are written up even if it is about the lack of care or improper treatment they can be fired for it. Nurses give laxitives even if the patient have diarrhea but there is a brief issue CNA's are using too many... Nurses killing residents atleast on 2 occations (in the last month) with dramatic med errors one example 10x the dose of methadone 3x daily for 2 days (the patient was doing well untill this, she died 2 days after the error was found) told the doctors and family she had a reaction to the medication and they took her off but NEVER told the family or doctor about the error and the DON coverd it up, (this is what another LVN who is my wifes friend told my wife, this LVN is the one who gave the patient narcan to fix it so i believe her) I never saw any proof and i hear it was changed in the paper work so i never reported and the LVN didnt want to rock the boat becuase she says she will be the one to get fired. paper work is changed for days at a time my wife will fill stuff out to come in the next day to have it changed some of the stuff she did will be on day shift she she has to sign the new documentation if she dont then she will be written up for her stuff not being done and this si one battle she did try to fight with nothing comeing of it patients have briefs BUT are locked up and only ONE nurse specifically can get them out and never can you get any on the weekend she wont come in even if she forgets to stock them. these patients had the noro virus come through in the last month but were only given 3 briefs for the day and one night brief so one in the morning one at lunch one after shower and one for the whole night BUT if the patient had a bm in the night they HAVE to sit in it no matter how much diarrhea they have. and they have meeting about How the CNA's are using too many briefs and if you try to talk to any upper nurses DON or DSD they proceeded to yell at you, not talk firmy they yell CNA's are not appriciated IMHO from what i see. I visit her facility alot and inform the cna's of their rights and tell them to stand their ground against very bad nurses after seeing what my wife deals with (not hearing about it) i have a very bad opinion about LTC nurses and when i hear nurses put cna's down I realize this nurse probably isnt doing what they can to help their important counterpart because good nurses do not get into fights with CNA's about patient care. The DSD gave a 4'11 cna a weggie in front of the whole facility to demonstrate what not to do when transfering she was humiliated this is my wifes best friend CNA's are not allowed to doccument this this facility has had 3 cna's quit this week but lucky for them they train them there. the good nurses that i have seen come through never stay the 90 days and the ones that have been there for years either will tell you i am not qualified to do any other type of work ( these usually are the ones that try hard but arent the most proficient but great to the residents) or gods gift to the world cant fill out the paper work correctly, or say things like its only a stage 2 pressure sore so we dont have to do anything. (my wife will fill out paperwork for one LVN because the lvn don't know how to and the LVN signs it). I could go on I do know some CNA's are jerks but alot of them are made jerks by the way they are treated but someone who says CNA is a butt wiper and im above that as a RN, LVN, LPN, when in reality they help provide the patient care all nurses are responsable for. my wife is quitting she got a perdiem job at a hospital in medsurge she has decided to never work LTC again in my RN program we have LVN step up and we lost 7 of 14 lvn's last semester mainly due to putting patients in danger i think all of these worked in LTC and i see some from LTC facilities that have 10+ years exp cannot even document a proper assessment let alone chart patient care. not to knock LVN i work with some great LVN's that put PA's and some doc's to shame it just goes to my point someone who is kicked out of our program will go back to LTC train CNA's and abuse them to the point where they HATE nurses and will jump their cases anytime patient care is lacking. I love my CNA's and the crabby ones i try to find out what is really going on. you rarely find ones that will fight with you about patient care who actually are bad cna's its the ones who dont provide care who take 20 breaks and are gone but you will never fight with these unless you initiate it in my experience.
  3. General overview from my experience. depakote = wonderful antidepressants = more manic rage and even possible suicide attempts. dont address drug or alcohol use until proper meds are established Never say calm down just listen and dont get sucked in no matter what they say, I love you or a hug Can and does go along way if timed right. A manic episode can start from something you cant even comprehend and may not be from today or even something you did. Being the spouse of a Bi-Polar person you really have to arm yourself. No matter how emotionally strong you are if you don't understand what is really happening your gonna lose. Reading blogs posted by bipolar people are way more insightful than the normal medical definition with symptoms http://www.healthdiaries.com/mentalhealth/bipolar/rollercoaster/ "The propblem with this illness is it makes you feel good, so good that you often forget you were recently feeling bad. When I feel better, I usually can't remember how bad I felt, or how long ago it was, even if it was just yesterday. I know it's often like this for others." http://mercurialmindbipolarblog.blogspot.com/2007/03/deep-emotion.html "There are emotions, then there are "emotions". When I'm happy, sad or angry I'm fine, but when its a bipolar happy, sad or angry its a different story. The emotions cut deeply. I can no longer just feel the emotion and process. I become of the emotion. The boundaries of feelings and being become very hazy. I try to feel, process and release, but when the emotions are the bipolar ones they are so inseperable from my sense of being that ending my life becomes the only way my mind can understand releasing them." I know there are better blogs I just cant remember them at the moment.
  4. Draken

    typical wage for lpn?

    I live in a small town 13k people next bigger city is chico california Lvn = Lpn Lvn's are starting at 22 an hour with a 2k sign on bonus at the LTC facility just around the corner from me New grad RN hospital in town 29.50 next town over 32.60 (15 minutes) sacramento 38 an hour drive south
  5. Draken


    Kinda funny you didnt show my whole quote, do you even know what this OTC drug does? Yes this OTC drug is 2 much for you so you should leave it alone. good side effects-for this use increased heart rate and increades blood pressure (counter acts anesthesia) bad effects-cramping (potassium) low fluid volume... other than that whats the problem, remember it is still an Over The Counter Drug and if nurses cant give this should they give Tylenol?
  6. Draken


    I dont see why it should be a problem, I think it sucks people abused this drug and gave it a bad name. Have to watch fluid and potassium like any other diuretic. It stimulates ephineprine and norephineprine that can help recovery, for your use I think this is a good choice.
  7. Draken

    Resignation Letter-Help is Needed

    Sounds about right no complaints should in this letter but you can list a reason and who you talked to about it but not always needed but I did have one job that listed my reason differently on my exit interview so they could try to avoid any future liability. This was before i got into this field and one of the reasons i didnt stay in retail. One assistant manager was talking badly about me, I was of same stature in management but in a specialty department. He openly discussed how he hated me infront of my wife and customers, degraded me and when taken to the store manager all i got was so? I quit and they put down i refused to work it out Lol only reason i didnt follow up on it was i got paid out just under 6k then another 6k was put in my bank, I received a double payout and 12k was enough to make me happy for a while. had they tried to recoup the double payment i would have filed complaints.
  8. Draken

    slave labor

    actually the nurse TOLD ME YOUR ANKLE ISNT BROKEN IT IS SPRAINED being young and before i was in the medical field i just sat there. I didnt even get a wheel chair that is now standard practice because of ME in this hospital. The doctors responce was OMG he broke both sides how do we cast this and had to call in another doctor when you can make that call ono how busy they were having not been there makes me beleive your a chicken little and the sky is falling. you have lost all credibility with me and are just another Troll in the forums. welcome to the land of BS EDIT: Mind you I tried to stand to have my ankle fold under and drop me like a rag doll. I was in so much pain all I could do was laugh. and this hard core hustle bustle nurse faild me and guess what ill bet it wasnt the first time. Guess what I have actually worked in an er since then and I do know the hustle and see the talkers who waste more then 15 minutes on down time. like i said before either your being failed or delusional either one CAN be helped.
  9. Draken

    slave labor

    your argument is flawed, either your a workaholic and in denial or you have been castrated by ineffective management. there is no amount of care one person that one person is going to provide in .041 of a 12 hour shift that is earth shattering. i can see if your mid care on a critical patient but on the flip side make sure yout triage is up to par. i sat in an er for hours with a broken ankle because the triage nurse didnt beleive me, their reason as far as i can tell is i didnt look in that much pain the nurse didnt even put one hand on me past my bp. i had to be rushed to surgery due to the severity of my injury after i was made to hop to the x-ray room and back 4 hours after i got there and 7 hours after the incident.
  10. Draken

    Interesting facts and observations.

    I have only met 3 other male RN's in my whole life. they were all nice. One was 6 foot 1ish he is fem more fem then the woman who was with him. second one was about 5 foot 7 very nice but was something different about him never picked up on it. third was a old hippie he was about 5 foot 8 and he was lest just say liberal he truly cared for his patients and we had a long discussion on how most nurses he has worked with had bad opinions on pain meds. he was my pharmacology instructor so it wasnt out of context and he also taught us stuff like how to tell if nurses are stealing PT meds, how to talk determine if a pT is seeking meds for personal use... another discussion was about how RN's hold meds from PT's because they think a 80 year old man with cancer is med seeking and dont need it. long story short he teaches to break this poor line of thinking all of these men looked the same, they were all very thin dont think they have ever lifted a weight in their life. very soft spoken basically not like me. just an observation good to hear not all male nurses are cut and paste.
  11. Ok this isnt my story it was my old instructor's story on why to keep your mouth closed at all times. He was a medic in the army and had been for along time. He was in germany and for some reason they assisted non military (why i cant remember he may have been retired us military in germany). well here it goes to the best i can remember. He and his buddy get a call about a bedridden sick woman who isnt moving anymore and the husband is just tore up shaken out of his head (older couple 60-70). They arrive and assess her, she had been dead for days but they guys was off his rocker by the death of his wife and sat in a chair for 3 days before calling anyone. Thy called the M.D. incharge and say she is dead (medics dont transport dead people). They proceeded to say this guy may need help and dont feel right about leaving the dead woman there. They agree to remove the body and attach her to a strecher but she was upstairs and the only route down was a spiral staircase. they begin to negotiate the stairs moving the patient with her head up hill like any good medic should. when they reach this critical angle the medic on the lower end begins to hear a gurgle and says "Wait". Now this poor guy had his mouth wide open when everything leaked from um both orafaces. This nasty bodily funk went into the other guys mouth and all down the front of him. Now most people would drop and run but the husband was right there by them and probably would have a heart attack if they threw his wife off the stairs so they proceeded down to the bottom before cleaning up. The other story they told us was about a MVA that one of the reserve firefighter's went on. The firefighter was the first on scene walked up to one vehicle to find a woman with large hole in her head thar was about 2 inches wide and extended from above her eye to about the back of her head. Brain matter was exposed and easily seen on the way up. The shock came when she spoke in a clam collected voice im stuck and i cant get out can you help me? He said this was the only perseon he had seen in 20 years with a head injury that bad that was conscious let alone aware of what was happening. they extracted her but she passed away later that evening from her injuries. I have seen 2 tank accidents but those were just a tad bit sad to post. I saw one patient who was cold removed the guard and stuck his hand in the heater vent to keep warm but he didnt realize there was a fan in there and removed the ends of his fingers.
  12. Draken

    Stupid things your school does/did

    I dont think you should be allowed to pass the nursing program without having these done to you. I am really suprised that in some of your programs you didnt have to do this. Ok like this my four year old needed a immunization but i dont remember atm. The nurse asked do you want me to give it to her in her arm or in her leg i said in the arm because the leg is insainly painful. and she replied wow i didnt know that.(what is she doing being a nurse giving injections) Most nurses dont know that if you stimulate the injection site it reduces the pain level to a point where it dont really hurt at all. This is what gives people fears crappy nurses who never had to endure what they put their patients through. If you feel uncomfortable getting in your underwear infront of future nurses you have no place expecting patients to do the same. edit: the badword filter edits non bad words so had to change.
  13. Draken

    Stupid things your school does/did

    Digital, yes finger in the bootay
  14. Draken

    Stupid things your school does/did

    Ok this wasnt in nursing school but it was in 91w army medic training. we had to do large I.V.'s on each other my partner was a 97lbs girl with probably 7% body fat she wore a size zero needless to say it was good experience starting large I.V.'s I like to think i do I.V.'s well, better then most i have seen due to the training but I still have scars 6 years later from her doing them on me i looked like an addict and had tracks for a while lol. In the army you have to do training I got to do small surgeries and even stitches =) but one time in the Field our doc thought it would be a good time to teach field rectal exams and decided we had to do them on each other. He said he and his friends did Rectal exams on eachother alot in med school in their dorms (makes you wonder doesnt it?) This didnt go over well you really cant say no in the army but he got the point. The new guy got to learn, =) while we watched it was the most disturbinig thing to see one man who you work with every day, into another mans butt who you also work with every day giving instructions on what to look for and such LoL. I know this is a normal exam BUT not somting you do with your buddy for training and i would not consider it for fun. I think wearing underwear and doing normal exams are nothing after that.
  15. Draken

    Interesting facts and observations.

    I dont look like a male nurse. I am in a RN program was a medic in the military and have not ran into this issue in a hospital yet. In the military it is how free medical care would be (you have no choices) and everyone know this. But recently at an orientation for the RN program i could see a female student who was in her second year was taking people pictures. she proceeded to ask each male and female couples who is the student, she did this to the whole room. Mind you im 5'10 240 and im not fat, im not cut but i am a very big guy and i dont mean height. so she proceeded to take my wifes picture and ignore me, she asks her name to write the info down and my wife goes he is the student. they have 5 men in her class and there about 5 in mine but she was I guess intimidated by my looks and assumed I could not be a male nurse. I am curious how it will affect me in my career, I am good looking and muscular not something you see in straight male nurses. every other male nurse i have met noit in the army seemed a little fem but this cannot be the rule can it be? I currently work as an instructor for mentally disabled adults, pretty severly mentally disabled and I get looks when anyone new comes in the 4 other men who work there are 45+ very overweight I dont fit that mold but noone has said i cant do something because they dont feel comfortable. this field is mainly female also there are 19 females that work at this center alone.
  16. I am a first year nursing student but i was an medic in the army and a NR-EMTB, i have worked in a few hospitals on various floors from the ER to family clinics. This is my little vent after reading some of the stuff posted by other nurses, something has to be said for good nurses but I have the feeling most are not. I just found out my next set of clinicals are at a hospital I would rather die then go to their ER. Somehow the nursing department feels this will be a good place for us to learn and its hard to keep a good attitude. Ill post these in order I dont have any good stories of this hospital so im not just posting slanted information and this is just my family not the other stories I have heard. In 1978 my uncle is found unconscious he is taken to the hospital and they put him on glucose and this kills him. the hospital finds he is diabetic and had glucose levels but the added amount cause his death (he had 2 kids the hospital paid them) 1982 my cousin gets into a motorcycle accident walks into the ER is seen admitted and paralized in a bed transfer he was paid (he deserved it). ..... longtime passes we dont use this hospital even though the next closest one is 45 minutes away 1995 I break my ankle at 1am not just a break I knew it was broke at the moment it happend. I get to the er about 3:30am I am seen about 4AM. The intake nurse tells me it isnt broke and have a seat in the waiting room(mind you Im hopping and my ankle looks broke to anyone who can see as it flops in weird unatural ways) at 8am i am told i can get an x-ray (no wheel chair becaus ethey dont beleive me) i have to hop through the length of the er and down 2 more halls. Im done and i have to hop back (good thing i was in good shape) by this point the pain is so great I almost feel like im on drugs stuff dont make sence. finally about 9am i get admitted and they bring me a wheel chair. as im in the room the doctors actual words were "Oh my god he broke boths sides how do we cast this" to my horror the other replies i dont know we need to get (cant remember his name) up here asap. I exploded it, my lateral maleous was broken off and up my leg about 3 inches my medial maleous is seperated and my whole ankle is expanded requiring reduction and multiple sergeries to fix. i was in surgery in less time then i sat in the er after they got the info needless to say i never went there agin for my self..... 2004 my mother watches my daughter who is 2 years old for the first time as me and my wife go to sacramento about 1 hour away not including in town driving. At this point i have alot of medical training and carry alot of weight with doctors in my hospital but im not in my hospital atm im on leave and visiting my mother. She calls to tell me my daughter has fallen on a broken granite mantle while my mother was in the shower. this mantle is supposed to be broken it has chunks fitted like a puzzle but it is very sharp. my daughter has split about 1 inch on her left eye open to the bone and uas seperated her upperlip from her nose all the way through about 1/2 inch in length. she says what should i do figuring this wouldent kill her and she had open facial wounds (this usually gets you admitted)this hospital would be a SAFE option but i was wrong. I drove back from sacramento 1 hour not including intown both places so it has been 1 hour 30 minutes she has been in the er. I walk in to see her and im furious the intake nurse didnt even look at her how do i know this? he hair was dried and stuck to the 1 inch open hole in her face making it so you cant see anything but blood and her lip is so swollen that you cant see the cut under her nose. I ask nicely when will she be seen I dont know said the nurse I ask the nurse Im a medic and I have my emt my daughter has open facial wounds and i would atleast like them cleaned so the nurse hands me the stuff and say have a nice day so i proceede to clean my daughters wound in the waiting room of the er when another nurse sees it and she brings me into the intake area she sees how bad of a facial wound it is and finally admits her. It was horrible but that isnt the last part. 6 months later in 2004 I think the us should not take immigrant doctors ever. my father had just married a woman who worked for a immigrant doctor. he made over 100k a year and had alot of money but he trusted her. this doctor was employed at this hospital and my father placed his trust in this doctor i am 2340 milesaway at this time but he asks me what I know about Hodgkins. I tell him.... but it didnt help This doctor gave him lethal doses of Bleomycin that say in any nursing textbook will cause irreversable effects My father died within 3 moths at stanford university hospital. The doctor pulled me aside and said this doctor killed your father seek legal help. I could not find a single lawyer willing to sue because he had Cancer even though he would have lived 7-9 more years if he had never been treated. Now even though i chose a program that did clinicals in a different city i am forced to do my clinicals here. I can honestly say I hate everyone who would be considerd being employed by this hospital. on a side note this hospital has a reputation for death and cannot keep good employees and relies on traveling nurses to even keep running. well here is my vent i dunno just seeing the posts making fun of er patients knowing what i have seen it just pisses me off perhaps in a later date i will find them amusing Oh did i mention his wife was an RN and when he was brought in he had a spo2 of 25 and she left him gasping for air with blue lips saying he is stubborn any emt knows IMPLIED CONSENT the day of the funeral she cleared out all his crap and it took me 2 years to get it back in the court i think she may have killed him and was trying to get his money but i will never know (he had alot of money and various houses his estate was close to 1 million at the time of his death he was 44) her previous husband died in a weird way also. she is currently remarried and left town because she fears me now(and so she should). Rant off thx for listening