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I transferred from one HCA facility to another in Feb. I had a negative TB result with my hire on exam, but I have gotten an email from employee health stating that they require two TB test? Is this... Read More

  1. by   momdebo
    back in the day there was just the one TB test and then, sometime in the last 5, 10 or 15 years (who can remember!) they began doing the second test. Even still some places read in 48 hrs, some at 72, some at both times. I just call the ID nurse to see what the order of the day is.
  2. by   HisHands
    We use two step for patients and employees. My inservice coordinator told me that nurses who work on TB units would get tested either every week or every two weeks.
  3. by   styRN
    The 2-step rules out false positives and false negatives.
    They must be done no sooner than 7 days apart (from reading #1 to admin #2) and #2 should be completed within 21 days of reading #1. Admin outside of these recommended guidelines fails the purpose of ruling out false readings.

    We do them for all patients, staff, volunteers and contractors.
  4. by   snowfreeze
    You need two successive negatives upon hire then yearly negatives after that. Any new job at a new facility will require the two tests. TB has come back to life worldwide so new precautions are in place.
  5. by   fultzymom
    When we are first hired we must have a two-step. Then from then on we get one per year. Also when residents first come in, they must have a two-step done. They must be done within fourteen days of each other. We usually give the first step then give the second step 10 days later so it is completed et read by day 14.
  6. by   crissrn27
    The only place I have ever had the mannox two step is at the NH. The 2 hospitals I have worked at just did 1 upon hire.
    Thought that was kinda weird.
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  7. by   HeartsOpenWide
    First time TB test is always followed by a second. If you keep your TB up to date you only have to get one after that every year (within 12 months) However, if you laps and say got 13 months without a TB test then you have to get two again. At least this is how the health department explained it to me. I always just got one every year for work, but then since I was taking pre-requs and not working full time I missed my TB test and laps to about 15 months and had to get two TB test like the very first time I had them.

    They need to be two week apart or the second can test false pos.