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Has anyone ever worked 2 fulltime jobs or is it possible? what are your experiences and how long did you last if ever you did work 2 full time jobs?... Read More

  1. by   JenNJFLCA
    I just graduated in May and passed boards July 29th. I've been off orientation for one month (just made it through my first schedule of being on my own! whew!) and I can't imagine working more than three 12 hour shifts a week. I thought I'd be working tons of OT now that I'm on my own. Ha! To be honest, I am way to stressed to even be thinking about working any other days. MAYBE in the next month or 2 I will pick up an 8 once or twice a pay period. I thought that it was just me, so am relieved to see that experienced nurses recommend not to pick up a lot of extra hours. To the OP, I'm glad you are rethinking! :spin:
  2. by   sunnyjohn
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    If you work two full-time jobs, you won't have time to come here to How scary is that! :selfbonk: :smackingf :uhoh21:

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    i agree with everyone else, that it isn't a good idea, but i can't help but think of being a new grad, working at base pay, and between the 2 jobs, starting off making over 80-90k a year. that WOULD be awesome.....
    Yeah, then you could screw up majorly and lose your license, or fall asleep driving home and kill yourself or someone else.

    That would be awesome.:stone