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I have worked in a LTC for six years as a LPN. Recently, I was hired PRN in a new facility.....waiting for full-time. Not sure if I would actually quit my current job, PRN made it easy for me to... Read More

  1. by   User123456
    [quote=busy-bee;2424796]Four working days left, can I do it? I have 80 hours of vacation coming to me and I'll be darn if I loose it because I break. It's getting really tuff. Had several assistance complaining loudly and abrutly in dining room yesterday because I was checking in a patient with a spine fx. The dining room was covered, they had no room to complain. One of the assistance from about 30 feet yells "I don't care who just came in, these patients need fed." We had two family member in the dining room feeding their loved ones, one assistant and one other nurse. It was well covered. I looked and this assistant when she walked by and said "I don't think anything more should be said about the dining room." She turns around after about 10 steps...said my name and said "DON'T YOU EVEN TALK TO ME!" I went to the ADON and told her about it. I told the ADON four more days is all I want, and I'm skating out of here, but I won't be abused during those four days." She said "and you shouldn't be" I am afraid what is going to happen if I keep telling them what is being said to me. They can decide to just let me go, but if they do what about my vacation pay?[/quote]

    im not sure about your state but in ny if you give your notice and they ask u to leave befor that date they still have to pay you till that date. id check with your states labor board. congrats on getting out of hell!
  2. by   MrsMommaRN
    Good luck in your new position. When you have completed your 2 weeks. you need to sit down and write a letter to the administrator about the behavior of the supply clerck and explain how it led to your untimely exit. They need to be made aware of this. (Which I am sure they are) I am so saddened to continue hearing this over and over again, a persons actions such as this being acceptable at work. If you or I were to act this way would it be written off as just the way we are?
    I don't understand how people think they can be rude, demanding, and in your face to others and think it is appropriate.:angryfire