Transplantation Nursing

  1. How many of you would have an interest in adding transplantation nursing in the specialty forums? I was asked by a moderator to see if there was interest in it. I work in transplantation and know of at least one other member who does. I am also a living example of how transplantation works - I received a liver transplant 6 years ago, (secondary to Hepatitis C),

    Any takers?
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  3. by   mandana
    I'd be very interseted. Transplants are an area of special interest to me and one of the big reasons I entered nursing. My aunt received a kidney transplant from a living donor, and she lived well with it for 20+ years.

    I'm a student, but my ultimate goal is to be a part of a transplant team. I think it's just so darn cool.

  4. by   following_faith
    I would love to see that also!
  5. by   scampi710
    Is there anyone on the forum who can help me with post op care of a renal transplant patient?

    The patient will be 5 to 7 days post-op when I assume care.

    What about 24 hour urines at this time.

    B/P's? Meds? Complications? Foleys? Rejection s/s.

    All information of any kind, including articles would be helpful.

    I searched Yahoo, but am not finding what I need.

  6. by   dorimar
    So ironic that this thread got posted. I would absolutely love it. I am starting in an ICU that does liver, renal & pancreas transplants and i don't have experience wtih this aspect of ICU. I would use the site often.
  7. by   greatshakes
    It'd be great. My brother in law had heart transplant and lived for 6 years after but eventually he died of an aneurysm. He also had cancer. He was on all these meds later after the heart transplant and two of the other heart recipients died a short while after because the combination of certain drugs caused mucle meltdown. They got him in time though. I think it would be a fascinating and exciting speciality though.
  8. by   riceberry
    I am interested. I start work on a kidney/liver transplant floor as a new grad in July.
  9. by   scampi710
    Hooray....I found a wealth of information on Google....forget Yahoo......

    I feel so greatly relieved that I finally found it

    No longer spinning!!!:spin:
  10. by   fleasle
    I, too, will be starting as a new grad on a transplant floor. I vote yes to a transplant forum.
  11. by   TazziRN
    I'd be interested. I was a living donor for my dad, and my brother was a multi-organ cadaver donor.