Toying with going for MSN NP

  1. Anyone know of a good program where I can go at my own, slow, PT pace? Preferably an on-line program. Katmease suggested Missouri, got their info, but they only had PNP and another one I didn't want. I'm thinking adult or geri NP.

    Also, I saw one ad, can't remember which school, that is waiving GRE requirement. Anyone else hear of other schools doing that? I would love to eliminate that expense, as it is not reimbursed by my tuition reimb plan.

    I figured since my weekend program will cover 100% tuition, but not for the M in Library Sc I want, may as well get NP. At least when I get tired I can teach (Does that sound bad? Didn't mean it that way )
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  3. by   P_RN
    I always wanted to be an NP.

    Oh Well.
    has a list of most of the country's programs.

    A friend of mine went to Graceland. Liked it.
    Another did the Excelsior and hated it.

    Where are you located? Any good universities nearby?

    My daughter only has her project to get her MA in Library...and dropped out...says she no longer wants that....who can figure things out?

  4. by   cjp
    Hi there,
    Have you looked into the Regents Program out of New York? I don't know too much about that program but I see it advertised alot. I'm sure Regents is on line. I've also gotten information from St. Josephs College in Maine, Jacksonville, Florida and one in Arizona but can't remember the name of the college. All have a bit different entrance requirements. If you want I can send you some things via e-mail. Let me know by e-mail and I'll gather what I have for you.

  5. by   BlueBear
    Hey Hoolihan!!!
    If you want to eventually teach, why are you looking to get a NP?? Why not a MSN in nursing education, which is what I am enrolled in right now. They prepare you to teach in nursing schools, but to also do staff development, if that is your thing. Come join me at St. Joe's in Maine. I would love to have a buddy to go through this with!!
  6. by   hoolahan
    Hi BB,

    I figured that at least as a NP I can write scripts for my family! Also, I could potentially practice as a partner if I was the home visit person, rather than the docs, who prefer not to do home visits. I would really enjoy that. Though still not sure I want the added expense/hassle, not very little compen$ation for all of it. At least if a teacher goes back for MS, they get more $$, not less!
  7. by   lalaxton
    I did my BSN via distance ed at St. Joseph's in Maine (loved it!)and I know they have MSN in education (lots of need for that) but not in Adult NP. The problem is NP programs require a lot of clinical time. You usually have to find your own clinical placements in most programs. Make sure the NP program is NLN accredited. Even though a school may have accreditation for their BSN program does not mean their NP program is approved. I know there are approved distance programs out there, keep looking!

    I dont think Regents has an NP program.
  8. by   lynnern
    I say GO FOR IT!!!!
    I am just finishing my MSN with a Family Practice track. I love it. I will be 49 this year and questioned myself about being too old. I was told that job availability is great. I want to work in Public Health or in Urgent Care Center - Family Practice is much more marketable than any other track of NP unless you desire to stay in one field. It leaves it open for you to decide. If I want to get my MSN in education, I will add 5 more classes. Working 12 hour shifts, I was taking one class a semester and drove 1.5 hours to get to classes! I am so very glad that I did it. Realized just how much I don't know after being in nursing for 12 years.