Tounge Tied!!!!!

  1. Hello Allnurses Land.

    Question for ya:

    Do you think it's a good idea to take a (home-study) course in Medical Transcription before I take my pre-reqs for nursng school January 15th.

    I'm kinda-very nervous about not having the abilty to learn the medical terms correctly. I can get tounge tied alot.

    (Plus, I heard that you can make some extra money on the side just from doing medical transcription)
    Is that true, I never saw a doctor talking into a tape recorder. Only in the
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  3. by   JonRN
    What is a tounge? Is it anything like a tongue?

  4. by   PennyLane
    I just started my pre-reqs this year. So far, no real medical terms (I'm taking A&P I and Human growth and Development). But as an aside, I have 2 doctors that use tape recorders. They look a bit silly! They don't mind doing it right in front of me, even if they're making notes on another patient!!
    Not sure about the training...................but I used to work in a 4-MD family practice, and they ALL still dictate onto's more portable than using a centralized phone system........they could walk around and dictate directly after each patient instead of waiting, saving them all up and then forgetting details.
    Originally posted by JonRN
    What is a tounge? Is it anything like a tongue?

    So bad Pappy..... but I like it

  7. by   Youda
    Breaking into home transcription is almost impossible. Look around for computer programs, there's a few out there, some on ebay. But, mostly, I wouldn't worry about it yet. You aren't expected to know what you haven't been taught yet. And, when you start your nursing courses, you don't get all the terms at once, Just a few at a time.
  8. by   TootyFruity
    Sorry gals and guys! That was indeed a typo!!
    Thanks for pointing that out of me Pappy!

    See, I told you that I was tongue tied!!! lol
  9. by   Dr. Kate
    Don't know anything about medical transcription or home jobs.
    Medical terminology can't hurt. I went to a nursing school that would not allow us to use medical terms, they were considered inferential and we were to describe exactly what we saw with making any inferences about our observations. I can still remember when I first heard the term cachetic and how stupid I felt not knowing what it meant, and how much easier knowing such a term would have made my life as a student.
  10. by   hoolahan
    Agree Dr. Kate. Tooty, rather than bother w a course, why not just get a good medical dictionary, like Taber's, and read a word or two a night? Much cheaper.

    I see lots of docs use the tape recorder, or dictate to a phone.

    Mel, if they dictate about other pt's in front of you, they are probably dictating about you in front of other patients. I have never heard of anything so unprofessional!!! I would let that doctor have it!
  11. by   Mkue
    Medical Terminology definately ! would be a plus and not so much transcription. Springhouse makes an "Incredibly Easy Medical Terminology Book"

    Some really excellent books, Stedman's Med. Dict, Taber's, Mosby's Medical,Nursing and Allied Health Dict.