told "cannot perform duties"

  1. I thought all was well...if you read my previous post about being uncomfortable sticking at LTC because of my inexperience. I have been employed for 3 weeks actually (9 days) with no phleb experience and was told I must be cut loose to go alone into LTC to perform sticks with combative patients. I felt uncomfortable with this group...not knowing what to expect with them. I asked for a transfer and she said she would help by either finding a new postion in the lab or write a transfer. I was led to believe by my supervisor that everything would be fine. Well, i reported to work this morning and the super coordinator wanted to speak with me...she was very aggressive with me and told me there was nothing she could do for me and it would be left up to personnel. If personnel could not do anything then they would have me write a resignation and list in my record "could not perform duties" Which looks awful. She was very condenscending and asked probing questions like "let's get this know this is what you were hired to do" of course i said no! i never knew i would be going "alone" to LTCs out of town at 5am to do this. And my hours miraculously changed from 25hours to 20 or less. She said if i wanted to be a nurse that i needed to seperate myself from what the patient feels...or get a specialty area like peds. Nurses! Aren't there some patients that you just prefer not to work with? Are you told you are a crummy nurse b/c you can't handle working in let's say the ER? LTC is difficult! Grrr! So, it looks like i am being forced to quit. With a major flaw in my history. I basically have been screwed. I should have been more thorough with the job description. I have passed everything with flying colors...but do not like LTC. So, i am told i cannot perform my job? Trained PHELB should be doing this anyways. God knows what i have seen while being trained these last 9 days. By the way, I was told to go home today. The super coor accidentally screwed up the schedule and has too many on today. So, that would have leave me with 9 hours this week. Fishy or what?
    Meanwhile "my " supervisor cowered over in the corner.
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  3. by   Anagray
    <<<She said if i wanted to be a nurse that i needed to seperate myself from what the patient feels>>
    This is the biggest crock of u know what I have ever heard!
    This person has a very WRONG idea of what nursing is. Nurses were originally called Sisters of Mercy. How can u possibly separate yourself from what a patient feels? This whole job is ABOUT what a patient feels.
    judging by this attitude, this person doesn't belong in her position.

    About phlebotomy - I agree that u need phlebotomy course for the theoretical part of it, where u learn about the structure of a human body, learn where to stick where not to stick, learn about how long to keep the turniquet and why not longer, etc.
    As far as clinical part of it, phlelebotomy class did not help me at all, I had to learn on the job. My first 50 sticks were under supervision of the nurse and this is how u learn - by taking suggestions and observing techniques.

    I think u are being screwed at your job. I probably would quit if I was treated this way and certainly not on THEIR terms. U mentioned leter of resignation for bad performance - I don't think u MUST sign it. U always have a choice.
    Unless u signed a contract, you can leave for ANY reason YOu want to leave.
  4. by   rncountry
    What other areas could you cover? You do realize that if you resign you may make a note that will go into your personal file, as long as it is on the resignation, why you are leaving. The specifics of it.
    So welcome to the atmosphere of Healthcare. Blows doesn't it?
  5. by   renerian
    HOney you don't have to resign and say you could not do the job duties. Just write a resignation letter and say the hours and job are not what you anticipated. You don't have to say you cannot handle the job. I remember reading your post ealier. I also know that woman is nuts in telling you that about what nursing is. I think you have a big heart to be a nurse. I started a case manager job that was supposed to be full time and once I got there we were told we would only be paid minimum wage for the weeks orientation then my hours would drop down to that I would only be making between 2to 400 per week which I cannot live on with five kids!!!!!!!! Look for work elsewhere.....

  6. by   Malt2390
    I was in LTC for many years. it is tough, many nurses come from other areas and think all we do is charting. We deal with everything and do not have the back up that they have in hospitals. When we do a code many times we alone run the code, actually we try to keep the pt. alive untill the ER team gets there. Some think that the geriatric population is less demanding, some even feel that these people are old so what if you mess up. There are more regulations in nursing homes than there are in hospitals. i worked for 14 years in nursing homes and have seen a lot.
  7. by   BadBird
    I think if you write your resignation letter I would mention how the administration misled you about your position and what was expected of you, how they knowingly scheduled you to do tasks that you were not properly trained for even when asking for assistance, mention that you have only worked 9 days and did not recieve a proper orientation.

    In my opinion you did not let them down, they let you down. You will be better off not working there. Many hospitals are now hiring new nurses and giving them a excellent orientation. You will learn new skills, be able to take classes to enrich your education and skills, don't look at this as a failure, look at it as a 9 day class and simply move on. You do not even have to list that facility on your resume as a place of employment. good luck.
  8. by   colleen10
    Hi Shaboo,

    I have been keeping track of your posts and just wanted to lend support.

    I'm sorry things have worked out this way but do not become disenheartened by it.

    I was all set to quit my present job and go into a Nurse Aid training/employment program but then just before I was going to accept it it all got very shadey with pay, hours, duties, long term commitment, etc. I was very upset but there are other, and better, positions out there, it just may take some time to find them.

    And I would be cautious about writing a resignation if they tell you to. I mean, in one respect it is probably better than them firing you for lack of job performance, but I would be very careful before I made a move that they told me to make.

    If you do end up resigning or getting laid off make sure that you write a non-accusing statement that says you did not feel that after 3 weeks of training you would be able to perform the duties assigned you and that you were told you would recieve more hours than you did and that was a financial problem for you. Kind of an "irreconcilable differences" situation.

    Anything of this nature will be put into your Personnel file and should you ever re-apply to the hospital for a job (maybe even after you get your RN) they will see this statement and hopefully take it into consideration.

    Take care and for what it's worth I think there are very few people who would be able to go out on there own only after 3weeks of training. And I also wanted to say never be affraid to follow your gut. If your gut is telling you that you are not ready and that this job doesn't seem like a good place for you to be, by all means do what the gut tells you.

    Take care and Good Luck!
  9. by   Youda
    shabookitty, I am so sorry that this is one of your first introductions to health care.

    First, please understand that whenever you are being treated with threats, insults, putdowns, lectures, condensension and shaming, that you are being mistreated. This is a form of verbal abuse. We usually think of abuse as being more dramatic, but abuse exists when any/all of the tactics are being used. As a comparison, a good environment/manager will be supportive, listen carefully to you, help you overcome hurdles, respect your feelings even if contrary to his/her own, etc. When you can get past the reaction that abuse causes (such as making you feel unsure of yourself, feeling shamed, feeling as though your concerns weren't taken seriously, feeling threatened or forced into an action you don't want, etc.), then you can start to "step-back" and honestly evaluate if you want to remain in that atmosphere.

    Secondly, It is a MAJOR ethical and safety rule in nursing that you do NOT do anything that you are uncomfortable doing, feel that you are not adequately trained to do, or able to perform safely. The fact that your employer has not given you sufficient training and supervision to do your job safely is absolutely shocking! I am really concerned that they would try to shame you into doing something before you can perform this invasive procedure safely and confidently.

    Given those two things, I would really doubt that this will ever been a good environment for you. When a job is this troublesome within your first 90 days of employment, I can tell you from experience that it only gets worse. You are going to end up quitting, or they will further abuse you by firing you, eventually.

    Write a resignation. But, state your reasons as "failure to provide proper supervision and training to perform my duties safely."

    Good luck, shabookitty. I sure hope your next job is a more positive one.
  10. by   shabookitty
    Thanks (((everyone:kiss ))) for your support and wisdom. I guess now I just sit and wait. I just documented everything from the day started. MM, I feel as if the super in this dept does treat the LTC patients like they are old so what. I read in a previous post about nursing children...and someone mention "it is something in their eyes" that makes it difficult. I feel this at LTC...I feel I should be caring for them not just sticking with inexp and leaving their side. I look in their eyes and want to stay. My trainer always says "C'mon let's go." And MM when I said I have seen alot, I meant during my training...with my coworkers. They are not trained thoroughly or properly. Bless you MM I know you have seen more in LTC they I could ever imagine.
    My question: Are there any others options than resigning or being fired? What if HR says they have no other slots for me?
    And will the lab super coor document in my files "could not perform duties" B/c you all are absolutley right...I will counteract this one! So the best advice is not to sign anything! thanks to all of you:kiss
  11. by   Roland
    received from me would be through my attorney! I might even consider retaining a labor law attorney as issues such as fraud and misrepresentation might be put forth. Whatever you do don't sign a resignation letter which admits blaime on your part. That's like signing a confession if your accused of a crime. Good things don't generally follow.

    Don't lie down get mad. Only by good people like yourself standing up for themselves and what is right will things improve for nurses everywhere (and the patients who are served by those nurses). Good luck and God bless.
  12. by   Texagain
    The woman is jacking with you. You should leave that job. Don't let her intimidate you (like she's doing now). In my state, the only information an ex-employer may release is your start and stop dates, position title, and whether or not you are eligible for rehire.

    My first nursing job was a disaster. I quit, but was called in because I 'didn't quit right'. I went back for 2 weeks and gave another notice, and was called again to come back because I hadn't done it 'right' again. I said I wouldn't come back as I had already quit twice and was told I would seriously injure my nursing career, would get a bad reference, they would hold my last paycheck and I would never work for their organization again. That was all c rap. I went to work for 2 or 3 other places and returned to the same company (different location) 5 years ago and was hired with no problem.

    Really, the place sounds abusive. Time to move on to a better place.
  13. by   shabookitty
    update: It gets worse

    Super coordinator called me today and said she spoke with personnel.
    I have been given an ultimatum

    #1 They will grant me a transfer...which enables me to go through interview processes with other depts...BUT I must continue to work in this dept until then...doing what I have told them I am uncomfortable at doing.

    #2 Resign...she said I would not be eligible for rehire for 3 years and I must pay back the $175 for physical.

    So basically tomorrow at 5am I am on my own for the first time collecting blood from patients with 9 days expereince...if you want to get technical only 3 days exp b/c I only watched the first 6 days of employment!
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  14. by   Vsummer1
    I just wanted to give you a big HUG!!!

    I don't have any words of wisdom for you though... everyone else here has had such great words for you in previous posts. I am sorry you are going through all of this, as I too had read your previous posts.