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I thought all was well...if you read my previous post about being uncomfortable sticking at LTC because of my inexperience. I have been employed for 3 weeks actually (9 days) with no phleb... Read More

  1. by   Agnus
    Originally posted by Youda
    The problem, though, is that she signed an agreement that she would pay for the physical if she did not stay. That, in effect, waived her rights. She's going to have to pay it.
    Sorry I do not see where she said that. Even if she did I doubt it is leagal and or enforcable. You see if an employer required the physical they must by law pay for it. She did not understand this and was therefore tricked if she did indeed sign such a contract.

    One thing I have learned from judges is that just because there is a signed contract it does not make the contract legal, nor does it make it enforcable.

    You should see some of the BS contracts that I have run across over the years that when the parties took it to court the judge threw it out as totally worthless.

    By the way I'm worried havent heard from Shabookitty. I hope she is OK. Shaboo please, tell us you haven't been stomped to death.
    Shabookitty, I am so glad you've decided to leave that place. They are jerking you around. You have been treated disgracefully and I'm sorry that your first experience was so negative. And they wonder why there is a nursing shortage! Hang in there Kitty. You should be able to get another job in no time. Keep us posted! We care. PS This
    bs about eating our young has got to stop!!!!!
  3. by   shabookitty
    hey everyone! I am back! I am sorry if I left you hanging...but I have had to just take a step back from it all. LOL Agnus...I printed your post to keep forever...thank you so much for taking the time to educate me and provide great advice. Everyone thank you!
    I got called into the super coor office on TR and my immediate super was there also. My immediate super had obviously went to her and blabbed all of my anguish...Needless to say my immediate super was there to document all that was said at this little pow wow so "no wires were crossed." My super coor apologized and said there has just been a miscommunication and misunderstanding of the entire situation. She stated that she thought that I was fine with the technique of collecting...just uncomfortable with the patients so that is why she stopped my training. She said getting comfortable with the patients is something I will have to do on my own. So, I told her yes i am fine with "sticking ppl" that I do not have a fear of that! But I am by no means have been educated enough...with proper draw devices and tubes to be let go. I questioned her ethics about drawing and patient care...I stated that they go hand in hand...I feel it is apart of the training! No, I know LTC patients are something I have to come to grips with...but with confidence in collecting I feel would help! BTW I insisted my trainer continue to go with me last W,TR! And TR we had 24 sticks at one LTC and 10 at the other! Can you imagine if I had been on my own! :stone In a nut shell, she agreed to allow my trainer go another 3 days with me...after that she said I was on my own. She said she would also continue to sign transfers if I wanted. But she wants me to stay (yeah right:roll )
    Thurdays meeting was about covering their butts. And NOW she miraculously produced more hours for me. But it makes no difference. If I do not have a lead by this Friday I am resigning under my terms. I would like to stay in hospital to get some hands on...but i dunno. I applied for patient care tech, psych tech , and unit secretary positions. My trainer said I would be to small to move patients as Patient care tech! She said she would like to see me get psych tech is at another affiliate and is known for a great place to work. It is an adolescent behavior center. The saga continues! With one foot out the door!

    And guys, I love no means am I letting this woman sway me!
    Agnus, it is document city with me baby!
    If I can just hang in there at this hospital for 5 more mts...I will not have to pay back physical! But I refuse to stay at this current position!
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  4. by   Agnus
    please, explain this business of paying back the physical? All my legal sources say that if the employer required a physical there is no way they can require you to pay it back under any conditions. What gives?
  5. by   shabookitty
    Sadly enough, I signed a waiver stating I would assume responsibilities if I resign before 6 month period. If I were to resign 6 mts later...they would have to pay.
    Honestly, they didn't give an option to sign or not. Basically you are not hired if you fail to sign.
    New employees were told that it was too expensive for the hospital to pay for physical and have an employee quit before 6mts.
  6. by   bagladyrn
    I would still consult a lawyer regarding paying for this physical. Many will give initial consultation free, or answer whether this is legal over the phone. If they say it is not legal to make you pay, a letter from a lawyer should end that demand, and usually will be for a minimal charge.