To All Nurses....

  1. Had my first patient today. I'm in my first semester or nursing school. I cried. The patient was very detached.. A man from Taiwan who was here visiting... has no family around.. speaks no English.. Has really no clue what exactly is going on. (I was confused why no interpreter was around.) I felt his feelings way too much and lost it a little bit.

    But just wanted to thank all those nurses out there who comfort and educate us newbies. I was so thankful to all the nurses who remembered what it felt like that first day. They were my Godsend today, as I'm sure many of you have been to student nurses!!

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  3. by   leslie :-D
    i think it's great you actually empathized with your pt's isolation issues.
    you're already ahead of the game.

    good luck, sweetie.

  4. by   CaLLaCoDe
    You will treasure these initial introductory days in nursing. As a "baby duckling RN" your first impressions, the kindness shown by experienced nurses, the hardships faced by patients (my first patient was a post op cabbage who had struck out at his daughter with her in utter anguish, and I note had never acted this way toward her ever!) --- these impressions will be treasures you will keep tucked under your baby down feathers to carry you forward and relate to newbie nurses in your near future. Here's to you!

    I echo the comments of Earl above, you have what it takes to be a compassionate and caring champion nurse.

    I add another bitter initiation to the hospital when a dear young man had to be sent home on hospice, who had fungal pneumonia, impossible to treat. An experienced nurse (probably not too compassionate) had explained to me with zest how the linings of his lungs probably resembled green carpet. I was devastated. I was broken explaining this to my wife after shift ended, at home in fetal position on the livingroom carpet.
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  5. by   twistedpupchaser
    I will never forget my first Pt contact day, a group of us first year students were invited into the local facility to "practice" the ADL's we had learnt the day before. During our break one of the students was missing, we were surprised because he never missed an opportunity to join us for break.

    It turned out that his very first Pt was washed and bed changed by this student, 10 minutes later the Pt coded, and didn't survive. As you can imagine this was not the best start to a Nursing career. It is a credit to the staff working with him that he went on and graduated, by all accounts he is a very good nurse, I daresay he is dubious of bathing Pt's though, (I would be).

    I write this to let you know that there are barriers/hurdles/hardships on the way but they can be overcome. Usually the staff are there to guide you through the emotional rollercoaster, sometimes you may have to rely on your peers, your friends or yourself, just don't bottle it all up.

    Good luck
  6. by   FireStarterRN
    I'll never forget my first patient. She was a little old lady in a SNF who was recovering from a hip surgery. I had never worked in a hospital and I was too embarrassed to go in the room. Another student and I stood outside our assigned patient rooms for the longest time, trying to get up the nerve to go it.

    You have to start somewhere.
  7. by   SixFive
    I'm loving it that you had empathy towards your patient! Congratulations; it sounds like you have gone into nursing for the right reason and will make a great nurse. I'm also excited that you felt comforted by the nurses working there instead of feeling like they thought you were a moron.
  8. by   cheels
    I have my first patient contact day on monday, im nervous, very nervous like what if i have a mental blank and dont know something i should know etc. but im excited too!

    Thanks to all who have replied with their experiences its really helping calm my nerves.
  9. by   karenG
    after 30yrs in this game.. I still remember my first patient. his name was sidney and I can picture him so clearly.

    sounds as if you will be a great nurse. good luck
  10. by   NurseWannabe1129
    Quote from cheels
    I have my first patient contact day on monday, im nervous, very nervous like what if i have a mental blank and dont know something i should know etc. but im excited too!

    Thanks to all who have replied with their experiences its really helping calm my nerves.
    I felt exactly that way all week too! The best way I helped myself was to remind myself how I felt my first day as a bartender.. (Stupid and a wreck..) Or my first day as a waitress.. (I have no idea what I'm doing..) LoL

    But now I am one of the most valued employees by my bosses! I'm wonderful at what I do!

    My point is, everything we do right now, there was a first time that we felt scared, worried, or, possibly, stupid. But think about where we'll be five years from now! Building on our knowledge and as competent and confident as the nurses who post on these boards. Good luck!!!!
  11. by   NurseWannabe1129
    And thanks to all for you compliments and sharing your experiences! It's so neat to hear everyone's "firsts" stories. My grandmother's first was a 100 year old man. She had to mix metamucil for him and instead of doing it in eight ounces of water, she mixed it in one. Needless to say, the old man refused the med. When she came in the next day, he had died. She was devestated!! Then remembered he didn't have any of her concrete mixture! LoL!

    Funny thing is, the diagnosis on one of my patients yesterday- diverticulitis. A suspected cause of that? Lack of fiber in the diet. LOL!!