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Hi, I am taking pre-requisites and plan to start nursing school Fall of 2003. I want to buy a good stethescope (probably Littman), but I have heard about the doctors and other nurses that "borrow"... Read More

  1. by   Jenny P
    I've engraved my stethescope with "STOLEN FROM JENNY P"..., then rubbed ink into the engraving. It shows, and no one has walked off with this one.
  2. by   MPHkatie
    I have a problem of taking mine off my neck when starting IV's and the like. I have lost several Littman's one burgundy, one green and one blue. Then i bought a pinkish one called Mulberry I think and it actually keeps being returned to me when I leave it in patients rooms. Some RN's in our dept have gotten these scopes called the Ultra scope with a huge happy face or tye dye pattern on the bell, they like the way they work, but I am sticking with my pink littman. if you are not scatter brained, you will probably hold on to it for many years.
  3. by   DF-LPN
    13 yrs and i still have my original one from nursing school....a purple littman

    unfortunatly it has been retired for the past 4 yrs LOL, it sits on my shelf with my school books

    my new one is lime green and I rarely loan it out, if I do I have no problem hunting them down to retrieve it!!!!!

    NOW for my good pens......I NEVER loan those out!!!!!
    i buy a dozen from the dollar store and those i loan out knowing full well i'll never see them again!!!!

    you must have missed the cousre in school about how nutorius nurses and doc are at stealing pens and scopes LOL

  4. by   ERNurse752
    "how nutorius nurses and doc are at stealing pens and scopes LOL"

    But especially those sneaky little med students!
  5. by   kats
    "you must have missed the cousre in school about how nutorius nurses and doc are at stealing pens and scopes LOL"

    Actually that's why I started this thread. I didn't want to alienate everybody I will be working with, but like I said I didn't want to have to pay lots of money to replace my stethescope all the time. I will definately get it engraved, buy an obnoxious color, and never place it down. I also will not loan it out to anyone unless it is critical for the patient's well being, of course. Then I will just make sure I stalk the person I loaned it to around the hospital until I get it back. Thanks for all the great suggestions, Kimberly
  6. by   CelticNurse
    You don't have to be nasty to achieve these aims. Just turn to the individual, smile sweetly and state that they can have your stethoscope by all means.........when they prise it out of your cold, dead fingers!!

    Harsh? Maybe, but it works for me. I also have been known to let people know the address of a reputable dealer where they can purchase their own set of ears. It is a small service that they get for free.......I don't even get commission for that one!

    Seriously, though, I would not worry about 'offending' your workmates. They are also aware of how much these things cost and just how mobile these little devils get in the wrong hands, so they should also be aware why you are not prepared to lend them out. Besides that, it is just plain not nice using somebody else's scopes. Let's face it, you wouldn't borrow their toothbrush, would you........?
  7. by   ktwlpn
    I think that sharing a scope is comparable to sharing a toothbrush-yech!!!! I had a doc take mine from around my neck a few years ago (I had my hands full at the time) and the "forgot " and walked out of the hospital with it. He made rounds at a nearby hospital and passed it off to another doctor who was on his way to make rounds with us.It was a well traveled scope. And it is purple.I also have held on to my scissors for 12 years-they need to be sharpened desperately.
  8. by   delirium
    For Christmas this past year, I bought myself a master cardio scope... it is burgundy and I had my name engraved on the bell. It also has a littman tag on it, and its covered by a scopecoat (blue dolphins).
    It is around my neck or in my pocket at all times. I have let one student borrow it but I was standing with her the entire time. I have been known to ask for someone's shoe as collateral if they ask to borrow my scope (and walk away with it).
    The same as my PDA, that doesn't get lent out, either.
  9. by   traumaRUs
    I too keep mine around my neck the entire shift. The tubing gets hard and stiff from body oil, so I always wear a sleeveless mock turtleneck underneath my scrubs. I do lend mine out too, but make it clear I want it back.

    The remark about the med students made me laugh - ours are so well-equipped we could operate and do a CABG with the junk they carry around - lol!!!

    Our docs (ER) are great about returning stuff. The attendings will even buy a new stethoscope for the nurse if they lose it!!!
  10. by   RN4ustat
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by ktwlpn
    [B]I also have held on to my scissors for 12 years-QUOTE]

    I have a trick for hanging on to my scissors. I have several pairs of scissors and hemostats all hooked together on a key ring. If anyoen asks to borrow them, I make them take the whole thing. Its so obnoxious, the either politely decline or they don't forget they have it. Has worked for 6 yrs now. I lost my last littman when I took it off to place a foley on a very large woman in the ER one day. Got the pt cleaned up and the foley placed, but I never saw the littman again!! No idea where it went, but I think it must have gotten thrown in the dirty linen. I said if it was in there, I didn't want it back. Then I got a cheapodepo to replace it. It works well enough and I can't lost the darn thing!! I guess it really is time to but a new littman, but I'm getting ready to change jobs and don't think I'll need one that much.
  11. by   zudy
    the pink stethascope is the best, thats what i do. also, anyone who borrows it has to gve me their car keys. they won't get too far!
  12. by   live4today
    Originally posted by kats
    Hi, I am taking pre-requisites and plan to start nursing school Fall of 2003. I want to buy a good stethescope (probably Littman), but I have heard about the doctors and other nurses that "borrow" other people's stethescopes and then conveniently forget to return them. Since I am planning on spending a good amount of money on this, I would like to know if any of you have any advice on how you have made sure to hang on to your stethescopes. I do plan on having my name engraved onto it, but just thought I would ask if you all have any other suggestions. I don't want to be rude to the people I will be working with, but I also don't want to have to pay to replace it all the time. Thanks, Kimberly
    Bite the first hand you see grabbing your stethoscope! :chuckle I always hated it when a doc would assume my steth was his/her property. Actually, the female docs have never asked to use my steth, nor did they ever attempt to remove it from around my neck. It seems to be a male docs problem, and they need to be told to bring their own equipment to work when they know they are seeing patients, and not to rely on the staff to provide them with the necessary equipment they will need - such as a stethoscope. After having my steth taken a few times, I learned to say "You touch my stethoscope, and I'll bite your hand." I said it with sincerity so no one ever took it again. I own a very expensive Littman stethoscope, and I wasn't about to allow it to be removed from my sight. You do what you gotta do to protect your property. You figure docs make plenty of money to have ten stethoscopes of their own, so make them start using them. Be assertive, and not aggressive, stand your ground, and don't be afraid to say "Sorry, but no you may not borrow my stethoscope. Not now, not ever!"
  13. by   nurse kratchet
    my reply is a little different. i really don't get along with our lazy a$$ 11-7 nurse i guess because i ask too many questions that she can't answer when getting report .well one day i left my stethascope at work only to find the tubing slit. could not prove she did it.