Time Management or Personal Boundaries? - page 2

I read many posts about the importance of time management as a nurse, but much of what I see described falls more into the category of having defined boundaries and staying on task. while time... Read More

  1. by   back2bRN
    Absolutley, priortization, organization and delegation are all part of the equation, some things can wait, even if the MD thinks otherwise.
  2. by   RNperdiem
    The ones who are too speedy and never behind are either very efficient and very experienced (the two almost always go together) or they are cheating.
    Cheating might be putting it too strongly, but maybe they did they really do a noon assessment that is charted?
  3. by   Virgo_RN
    I saw a sign recently that I'd like to make into a plaque for every hospital room at my facility:


    Pick one.
  4. by   JB2007
    I do the best that I can for my residents peroid end of story. If I have to leave late every day because management can not see that they place unreasonable demands on nurses that will do their jobs properly so be it. I hate having to leave late most days, but I go home knowing that I put my residents first. If management does not like to the OT they can come out of their offices and show me how to do my job right. There is no way to "time manage" the kind of demands that management, families, and residents/patients place on nurses.