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  1. What is your nurse patient ratio? With or without techs?
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  3. by   csadam
    5:1 without techs, nights.
    Most nights its only 4:1.
    However I could have an LVN and work in a team, have about 8 patients total (4 primary care, and 4 more with my LVN providing primary care for the other 4).
  4. by   bubbyb
    6:1 with a tech most of the time, but lately they have been floating the PCT so the RN is responsible for one patient (doing all the care plus meds, fingersticks, etc.) We usually try to make sure the pt is a walkie-talkie
  5. by   carolmaccas66
    We don't have techs in Australia. The nurses do everything, though a ward helper does tea/coffee etc. I can have 6 or more patients. In team work with 2 nurses, anywhere from 10-15 patients or more, though they are usually all high care and heavy-going patients, especially in orthopaedics.
  6. by   RaziRN
    7:1 with or without a tech.
  7. by   JStollRN
    6:1...1 tech for 18 patients, which is basically no tech.
  8. by   TonyaM73
    5-7/1 with a tech on days. It's rough when you have a lot of total care patients, but when most are walky-talky it works well.
  9. by   CanadaEh
    what is a tech?
  10. by   0402
    4-5:1 on days; 5-6:1 on nights. We usually have 3 techs on days (about 12 pts/ tech) and 3 on nights. Right now, we're short on techs, so some days we haven't gotten much help from them, but at the same time, 2 are currently orienting, so when they're on, we get 2 techs in one, so the extra hands are nice.
  11. by   L8RRN
    6:1 with an aide working with each nurse. Still crazy busy, though!!
  12. by   biblepoet
    Quote from CanadaEh
    what is a tech?
    We have no techs luckily lots of our pts. are self care. We do have an MA to help out on nights.
  13. by   floatRN
    5:1 on days but usually only one tech for 3-4 nurses.
  14. by   mediatix8
    Night shift: usually 5-6 patients per nurse and 2-3 techs for a floor with at most 33 patients.