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  1. I want to bring to everyone's attention a thread that is currently ongoing in the Nursing Management section of the bulletin board. Go see

    It is a discussion about how to penalize nurses for calling in sick on the weekend. Unfortunately, it gives an accurate picture of how far removed from nursing nurse managers really are. :uhoh21:

    Kevin McHugh, CRNA
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  3. by   Aussienurse2
    :roll :roll :roll :roll

    just read what you told 'em, you tell' 'em baby!!!

    what about the poor patients who have sick staff working aroound them???
  4. by   RNforLongTime
    There have been times where I've been legitimately sick on a weekend and by all rights should have stayed home but because I didn't want to leave my co-workers short staffed, I dragged my sick butt into work anyways. Places where I've worked did not have a special penalty for calling off sick on a weekend but if they noticed that it became a "habit" then they would do something. And they always had the option of having you make it up on your regular weekend off.
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I replied over there w/a few questions of MY own...ones they need to consider if they want to HAVE staff there much longer. Unbelievable. I wouldnot stand for this for a minute. UGH.
  6. by   nursegoodguy
    Hi Kevin!
    I posted and I think it was full of great ideas for them... Okay it was full of something lol Seriously, if you are in a small town and there are not a lot of places to work or nurses to work in the few places then you better work together to resolve problems! I've been there and saw first hand what happens, (see my post) Management "thinks" they can run all over you and treat you anyway they want but all that happens is you end up running away and they have nobody to care for the patients! (see my post)
    Glad to be in a CITY and will never go back to small town life!
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Anxiously awaiting some of management's remarks and comments due to our "suggestions" and posts.
  8. by   Nurz2B
    Loved that reply! kmchugh :chuckle You really told them!
    Originally posted by SmilingBluEyes
    Anxiously awaiting some of management's remarks and comments due to our "suggestions" and posts.

  10. by   colleen10
    Guess what everybody, I have been known to get sick not only during the week, but on the weekends too!!!!!!!!!

    I equate that kind of policy and mentality to a dog that gets into the trash and you grab it by the scruff of it's neck and shove the garbage in it's face.

    "Bad Nurse, Very Bad Nurse"

    I'd never work for a place like that.